Amnesia Memories: Kent Day 6-10 (+how to solve the math workbook questions + answers)

Orion and Mary Sue did a perfect job at work (finally) and Mine seems to have issues with it.

And why is it that I have never noticed the irony in the title… the game’s name is “Amnesia” yet the tag line is “Memories”. Once I think about it, that’s just so weird.

Turns out, despite calling Kent(?) a weirdo, Mine is actually into how weird Kent(?) is. She declared to steal him away. Oh poor girl, I’m so sorry. Though she’s a bit of a narcissist, I can’t hate her for some reason.

Kent came to pick Mary Sue up for the date and went on a mad dash down memory lane for one hour. Literally, a mad dash. To stop him from walking so fast, Mary Sue decided to tell him about Mine’s rivalry. Kent went on another monologue and I don’t even understand what he’s trying to say. Mary Sue had a flashback of her slapping Kent when he said something insensitive.

i’m a biology major and i’m offended lol

The next day Kent went on one more monologue: he wanted to hold her hand but can’t find a reason to back it up, that’s why he walked so fast to keep himself distracted from her. After telling her what’s in his heart, Mary Sue told him that they should hold hands, and they did. Kent said that he loves only her and for her to believe him that he won’t care for Mine. Mary was like ‘lol say that again’ and Kent was like ‘hell no’.

Kent gave her a handmade math workbook as a make-up present for the fight they had. Turns out the heroine is a psychology major and is very slow in computing stats, so she thanked him and he finally smiled. (You need stats if you’re going into research in any field. Pay attention in class!)

The next day, they sat and had a chat. If Kent’s conference goes well, he’ll get to go abroad and that’ll really benefit his career. After that, Mary Sue worked on the workbook.

Here comes question 1. Use the formula v=d/t. Rearranging gets d = vt, so take the velocity of A and B multiplied by the time, 0.5 hour. A will have gone 2.5 km and B will have gone 2 km. The difference is 0.5 km, or 500 m.

The next question’s answer (question 2) is 19. Just count on a calendar.

The next is probably about Ikki, and the answer is 53. Same, just count on a calendar.

For question 4, find out how many books they can carry per minute (7.5 book per minute). Do 200/7.5 and the answer is rounded to 26 minutes.

Question 5, find out how far A walked (1 km or 1000 m) divide that by 3 to get 333, but since there is a tree where he started, the answer is 334.

Question 6’s answer is that day will never come.

Question 7’s answer is 39×100/78 = 50.

For question 8 there are a total of 1900 students, 300 females from Nishiike and 450 from Myoga. 300+450/1900 = 0.39 or 39%.

Question 9: the formula used for this is V = pir^2h. I used google to calculate and the answer is 2.

The answer for question 10 is nobody knows. I googled this one lol

It’s easy for college level and there’s no stats involved, but it’s a bit time consuming, is all.

Excuse me, I thought this was supposed to be a stats workbook…? Where are my excel sheets? Where are my probabilities and margin of error?

It got dark outside and she ran into Ukyo. Spooked, she talked about him with Kent the next day. Kent offered to walk her home so that he can help her deal with Ukyo. Ikki comes in and stroked her head to comfort her, and Kent got all jealous.

dont yank my hair you big awkward cinnamon roll

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