Amnesia Memories: Kent Day 2-5

Kent suggested Mary Sue go see him. She went over to borrow a manual from her part-time workplace and got on the manager’s good side for her desire to learn and better herself even though she has already been working 4 months. On the way back, she met Kent.

They talked, and the heroine found out they’ve only been dating for a month. Kent’s monologue is very awkward and Orion remarked that their relationship is already sour. The trio went to Kent’s place and found that the man has plants all over his desk, which he gave them weird nutrients. Kent left her alone and she studied the manual.

The next day, Kent invited her over to his university’s lab. It’s still unclear why she was angry with him before the amnesia, or what she liked so much about him, or why was she was so unresponsive to his texts, or how he became her teacher.

She got there but didn’t know where the lab was so she called her boyfriend, and Kent was glad she relied on him. They tried to start a ‘conversation’ and Kent was hilarious lol

Kent went on a monologue about his math research. Ikki came in later to show Kent his solved math puzzle, and tried to use his aphrodisiac/incubus/evil eye power to make the heroine fall in love. Mary Sue was like ‘nah you narcissist I still like Kent’ and Ikki was like WTF WHY.

Mary Sue goes to work and met Toma and Mine. Mine is being clingy on Toma and has a horrible attitude as usual, but we all know at this point that she’s good at heart. Mary Sue did an okay job but still got made fun of and scolded, and Orion supported her through the first day at work.

The next day, she met her best friend Sawa. (Some of the in-game dialogue is just so full of gender barriers lol) Sawa gave the info that Kent will go study in London at the end of the month, and Orion said that if Mary Sue told him she’ll miss him, he’ll fall over dead because of the shock.

Kent is going to have some kind of conference on the 25th, so before that they arranged a date (where the texts kinda sound like a duel match appointment).

The game at this point really diverges from the anime. Hmm I hope there’s no life or death choices to make like in Ikki’s route.

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