Mili – the secret song in Miracle Milk (Shitty Flowers) and hints on cracking the code

I really, really need to thank this person for giving us the information that there’s a hidden song. I’ve had the album for about two years and I never knew there was a secret code.

So I guess you are here on how to unlock Shitty Flowers. Here is hint number one:


On the back cover of the album, there is a line of symbols. Where on the album can you also see these symbols?



Hint number two:


The symbols are on the Japanese lyrics side of the lyric cards. Each symbol refers to a specific song.

You’re starting to get what to do, right? If not yet, scroll down to hint number three.



Hint number three:

Put the songs in order according to the symbols. Notice that there are white Morse-code things at the bottom.

Now, now, try and figure out what exactly they are supposed to do. If you’re here for the music and not the codebreaking, alright, keep scrolling.




Pile all the lyric cards in a stack, first symbol on top. Look at the bottom side of the stack. You will see that the white stripes form a number. Enter that number into Mili’s website, written underneath the row of symbols on the album cover.

There you go, I hope that was helpful. Enjoy the song!

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