Amnesia Memories: Shin Normal and Bad Endings

I misspelled ‘bad’ as ‘bed’. No, Amnesia does not have bed endings.

Anyway, I went back and changed some of my choices to see what happens. First, I changed my choice of suspect from *spoiler* Toma to Shin, and he replied with a ‘yeah figures.’ This change in attitude on the MC’s part affected the conversation with Toma at the park the following day. He said something along the line of ‘it makes my heart all tingly that I’m able to go back to being your older brother’.

This time, Shin did not have much time to ransack Toma’s house for evidence and had to hurry back.

MC chose to study with Shin, and he mentioned that she was his inspiration to study hard and get a scholarship.

The confrontation between Shin and Toma happened the same way, but instead of recalling that she mistook Toma for Shin and that Toma was the one who pushed her to the rock, her denial was so strong that MC refused to acknowledge the memory and buried it again. Toma told the other two to just think of it as an accident. Shin wasn’t too happy, though; he didn’t want to pretend nothing happened, but he didn’t want MC to think that he’s trying to ruin her relationship with Toma either.

Orion didn’t think that what happened to MC at the bottom of the cliff was an accident, but there’s nothing they could do now.

Three weeks passed, and Shin asked for a breakup. He knew that her memory loss and what happened with Toma was affecting her, and he wanted to break up so that they can start over again. He and Toma would be on equal grounds then, and whoever wins her heart over again this time can do it without any regrets. MC was like ‘oh? Come and get me, then.’ (Loool I love her when she said that)

That was the good end. TBH I also really like this ending, because it resolves Shin’s guilt about not realizing Toma’s feelings for the MC, and despite having doubted Shin before, MC is regaining her trust in him just like in the good ending.

What bothered me about this ending was Toma. Sure, he was arrested for a time then released, but I felt like he never really resolved his feelings about what happened during the incident. He’s also such a natural liar that it’s starting to scare me.

From the looks of it, after the normal end, MC is going to get back together with Shin anyway. So yeah.

Haiya now it’s time for the bad ends.

Bad End (Ukyo):

Rewinding back to the mountain lodge trip, 22/8.

During the game night, MC went to get drinks alone instead of asking Shin to come along. Ukyo showed up in a pretty threatening way, but luckily Shin came at the right moment and Ukyo didn’t get the chance to do anything.

Anyway, the group went and investigated the incident like usual. MC recalled that she really did slip down the cliff by accident, but what happened afterwards was still a mystery.

Later that night, Sawa fell down the stairs. After Shin asked MC whose room she would like to stay in for the night, she said Sawa (I picked Sawa because Ukyo spooked me earlier lol). Sawa was glad that at least MC still trusted her. However, later that night, Sawa’s leg got so swollen that MC had no choice but to go to the owner and ask for some painkillers. The owner was not in the room, and Ukyo showed up and stabbed MC with a knife. Not once, but twice.

Ukyo wasn’t the culprit during the incident, but certainly he’s the culprit for this one.

Aye, that was the bad end. MC ended up getting killed by Ukyo for the nth time.

For the next bad ending, MC has to be ultra-suspicious of every except Toma I guess? So I started the game over, made a whole bunch of mistakes during work, be super apologetic and sentimental, and hang out with Toma as much as possible. MC didn’t invite Shin to the firework event and refused to answer any of the detective’s questions regarding the incident.

After Sawa had her accident at the mountain lodge, MC chose to stay with Toma for the rest of the night. Orion thought it was a safe bet, since he’s a man that can protect her and he’s like an older brother. Shin stayed in the same room as well. Toma was surprised about being picked, but he was happy that he was someone MC could turn to during times of need.

After the trip, MC forced Shin to come along to a fancy cafe, which made him very uncomfortable. The next day, MC went to work and met Toma. Anyway…turned out I still got the normal end, so I went back and fixed things up a bit.

(Honestly, during my first playthrough that I got the good end, I have no clue how I still landed Shin’s good ending after choosing so many Toma options at the beginning of the game lol.)

Anyway, after three or four tries, I finally got the ending.

Just before the Shin – Toma faceoff, after work, Toma had a chat with MC and gave her coffee. The two walked to a place where MC, Toma, and Shin got lost together as kids. Toma said he would never forgive someone who hurt MC, and didn’t want her finding out the truth. After the amnesia, having MC rely on him again made him happy yet pained. He wanted to help her realize her dreams, and he wanted the three of them to go back to the way they were. MC started feeling really dizzy, and Toma bid her goodnight, dream forever. Turns out, that coffee was laced with drugs. As expected.

What the hell do you mean by “Shin will be with us?” Is it what I’m thinking? At this point, I’m not surprised anymore lol. Just a general rule of thumb on how to survive in the world of Amnesia: don’t accept drinks from Toma lol.

That’s it for Shin’s route. TBH like Ikki and Kent, I enjoyed his route more than I thought I would. The mystery vibes really was a nice surprise, because I’m not expecting this kind of thing from an otome game and Amnesia managed to balance the romance and the investigation bits well. The good ending was sweet, the normal end was pretty cute, and the bad endings weren’t as brutal as, say, Ikki’s route. Or maybe at this point, I’m too used to MC getting killed by Ukyo.

Next up, I will be playing Toma’s route. Let’s see how it’ll goooooooooooo

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