Amnesia Memories: Shin Good Ending (Day 26-31)

Shin and Marie went to see Toma, but he took a car somewhere. Marie decided to go watch a movie with Shin, and they had a pretty nice time together afterwards.

The next day, Shin setup a meeting with Toma after work. Toma met Marie at work, and he remarked on how she chose Shin again even after she lost her memories. Marie brushed it off, and after work was done, they went to meet up with Shin.

Shin straight up said that Toma was the one who hurt Marie after she fell down the cliff. His thought process was different from mine in the previous post. I went ‘ah so that’s what it was’ a couple of times lol. Shin’s deduction made a lot of sense.

So, Toma really was the one who did it. During their latest trip to the mountain lodge, Sawa stayed up to keep watch per Shin’s request, then saw Toma when he tried to go out and dispose of the evidence. Toma was so surprised that he accidentally elbowed her, and she fell down the stairs.

Toma admitted that he was the one who found Marie at the bottom of the cliff. However, he denied pushing her against the rock and framing Shin for it. He was trying to pick her up, but because there was blood everywhere, she slipped from his back and got hurt. Toma was in a daze, and he lost the chance to confess what happened. However, Shin did not believe that and prompted Marie to remember what truly happened.

Turns out, Marie had mistaken Toma for Shin. The one who found her was Toma, but Marie kept calling him ‘Shin’ because she couldn’t see and just assumed it was Shin who came to her rescue. Marie wanted to forget that, but Orion bid her goodbye already and she remembered that it was Toma who pushed her.

Toma denied doing it because he was jealous, saying that he just had a complex with Shin. However, Shin had photos of Toma’s collection, consisting of photographs of Marie and other objects. He went and took photos on the day they played rock paper scissors, while Marie was keeping Toma occupied.

In face of the evidence, Toma confessed everything. He wanted Marie to love him, but then Toma realized that Shin truly cared for her and he was being selfish. It was his cowardice that he couldn’t escape the sibling zone, while Shin prepared to lose everything when he confessed his love and started dating with Marie.

Marie remembered that when she was a kid, she proposed to both Toma and Shin that the three of them should get married. In the end, she made a promise with Shin to marry him right in front of Toma. Ouch.

After sorting things out, Shin punched Toma in the face. Toma then went to confess everything to the police. Shin and Marie went to the park, and Shin confessed that he did all the digging so that Toma could come clean and feel less guilty, so that all of them could finally move on.

Shin still felt guilty about being the reason why she fell down the cliff in the first place, and for not noticing Toma’s feelings for her, which ended up making Toma suffer throughout the years.

Still, even if he knew he pushed Toma off the ledge, he’d still love her and date her anyway. He just didn’t know any other way around it.

In the end, Toma didn’t get prosecuted, so Marie proposed that the three of them hang out together again. Shin talked about how she seemed so happy with Toma, to which Marie replied that Shin should try being nicer to her, just like Toma. She then demanded that Shin say ‘I love you’, to which Shin grudgingly obliged.

And they’re happy together. The end.

Well, that was… unexpectedly cute.

Even though he’s Amnesia’s poster boy, I’ve always felt meh about Shin. All I remembered about him prior to playing his route was his ‘baaaaka’ and his obsession with melon soda. Turns out, he was really devoted to making MC happy, although he didn’t really know how to show it.

For most of the story, he just did things without consulting her or asking what she wanted, but in the end, he started listening to her, and that makes their relationship very nice.

To be honest, I was not expecting Toma to be the ‘culprit’, but at the same time, I’m not surprised. (Toma’s cage thing is an inside joke among my friends lol. Notorious.) I wasn’t expecting him to lash out in Shin route, but at the same time, I think I should have seen it coming. I like the nice guy type like Toma, and I’ve liked him ever since middle school (I’m in grad school now lol), but the more I grow up, the more red flags I see on him. Do I still like him? Yeah, but probably more as a character.

Alright, I guess that’s it for my first playthrough of Shin’s route. I’ll go through his bad and normal ends in a separate post, then I’ll do Toma’s route.

Shoutout to Orion for being such a fun narrator for our semi-silent protagonist. You’re the game’s MVP.

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