Juuni Taisen Ep. 4-6 Review: you are the architect of your own demise

Have characters ramble for a whole episode about their superpowers and awesome Holmes-level plans and never actually have them use it. Everyone, that’s Juuni Taisen. Bravo!

juuni taisen ep 4-1.png

The sewer is the best place to devise a battle plan.

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Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls! Review – WTF did I just watch

Can we call this an anime? Although Naria Girls is not as brutal to watch as Pupa, I find it really…weird.


In Pupa it started off okay but went off into incest masochism. Naria girls started off okay but went into talk show mode with irrelevant plot details and poor story telling (by poor I mean very, very, very terrible). But unlike Pupa, it does not attempt to take itself seriously at all, talking about topics from nose hair to Full Metal Alchemist. One of the most entertaining aspect of Naria Girls is that it pokes fun at most of the Mahou Shoujo anime to ever exist.

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What is ‘BEATLESS’? – anime 2018

“I am an object in human form.”

If you’re a follower of redjuice-Guilty Crown’s character designer-then chances are you might have come across a blue-haired girl carrying a giant black coffin. That’s Lacia from Beatless, a sci-fi novel written by Satoshi Hase and illustrated by redjuice.

Official Website: http://beatless-anime.jp/


Described as a ‘human’ and ‘object’ boy-meets-girl story, Beatless tells the story of a fateful encounter between human Endo Arato and extremely advanced humanoid AI (called hIE) Lacia. For what purposes were these hIE, far more powerful than any human can comprehend, created? Continue reading

Code: Realize: Sousei no Himegimi Ep 1-3 Review: My heart is always blue

Otomate on the creation of Cardia Beckford: “Hmm so we have heroines who are princesses/goddess reincarnation of some form, school girls, girls blessed with insane game-changing abilities but never use them, and blank slates… OH I KNOW LET’S MAKE OUR HEROINE DEAD AND HAVE ACIDIC SKIN THAT TURNS EVERYTHING PSSSHHH ONCE SHE TOUCHES THEM.

Just joking.

code realize ep 1-1


Cardia is a girl who can melt everything with the touch of her skin, and so is targeted by an evil organization by the name of Twilight. Luckily, the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin and co saved her. This marks the beginning of Cardia’s adventures to uncover the truth behind her blue heart, poisonous skin, and the realities behind steampunk London. Continue reading

Children of the Whales Ep 1-3 Review: my friend said they made another Shinsekai Yori

This is my most awaited anime of the season, and 3 episodes in so far I’m quite impressed with it, particularly the attention to detail they’re giving the art.

kujira no ko 1-3.png

Children of the Whales (Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau, lit. Whale Calves Sing on the Sand) is a fantasy-drama anime following children with special powers who live on a floating island called the ‘Mud Whale’.

Spoilers only for episode 1-3 because I haven’t seen the rest yet. Lots of pictures too.

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