King’s Raid Beginner’s Guide: Overview of all characters/heroes pros and cons

For a list of beginner-friendly heroes, check here: 2021 and check here if you are looking for heroes for specific content. For the 4 starter characters, check here.

In this post, I will go over the pros and cons plus the role of every single hero released in the game as of Jan 2021, along with a few notes on some of them. I will try to keep it brief so you can decide who to build. Also, for the sake of saving your mobile data I will not include pictures.

(Side note: I consider myself a casual late game player, even though I’ve been playing since Nov 2016 in the open beta. Some stuff I put here may be outdated due to newer balance patches or because I’m too old and stuck with old info, although most of them should hold true. If you want super-specific builds or tips on how to be competitive in the rankings, please go to the community for that.)

Latest update: Sep 2021 (Yanne balance patch)

Without further ado, let’s start.

A note on acronyms/terms used here for those super new to the game:

UW – unique weapon

UT – unique treasure

SW – soul weapon

Diver (my own term) – characters that can warp themselves behind the melees/tanks and attack backline

CC – crowd control ex stun, freeze, silence, knockback

LoH – League of Honor, also called pick/ban arena


For more details on each, check “An Overview of the Knights.”


Role: Offensive tank

Pro: Self-sufficient, with healing and CC and 1 extra life. Good for starters. Magic amp (max 50% from her S2). Generalist magic tank.

Cons: No def boost for team, not useful in PvP. Many tanks overshadow her in late game content (ex. fully invested Aselica or Shakmeh)

Note: Kamikaze Jane is not a thing anymore.


Role: Amp/support/m def tank

Pros: All-rounder, useful for both PvP and PvE. Shield + cleanse for team. Massive magic def boost. Atk boost. Physical amp.

Cons: NPC hero. UW reliant.


Role: Amp/physical def tank

Pros: Good for scoring content, very good single target support for you DPS. Extra healing for your team. Counters physical bosses ex WB1.

Cons: Needs high investment when compared to Jane. (some people say 5* UW + UT4) Despite how good her passive looks, Aselica is not as useful in PvP.


Role: CC tank

Pros: Very good magic tank for PvP speed teams, counters physical teams, pretty good stunner, prevents mana recovery

Cons: Again, NPC hero. Not as useful for PvE unless for specific bosses.


Role: CC-physical def tank

Pros: Counters backline DPS teams in PvP, counters backline divers in PvP (especially assassins and Naila), increase team survivability against enemies that deal physical damage, very tanky

Cons: Her first skill cannot penetrate some shields/skills, time it wisely. There’s a counter for Demia by using continuous stunning (I think it was Lucias/Evan? idk check in with the LoH pros for that)


Role: Support/magic def tank

Pros: Heal rate reduction. Flame stacks make her very good against bosses. Protection against magic damage for your team

Cons: She is not as useful in short stages since her flames need a minute or two to stack depending on how you use her.

Note: WB3 (Xanadus) and Galgoria meta.


Role: Offensive tank

Pros: Damage scales with HP, quite a good stunner, self atk and def boost, magic damage boost, good in PvP wall team

Cons: Limited uses in end game content.

Note: I have her built and I still got no clue where to use her


Role: Tanky tank

Pros: Great def boost for team and slows enemies, increasing team survivability. Is very tanky. Good starter tank. Works against both physical and magic bosses.

Cons: Not as useful for scoring content. Lesser amp than say, Jane or Aselica.


Role: Offensive tank

Pros: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Great physical damage amp. Damage scales on HP. UT4 can reduce heal

Cons: Since he’s more on the amp side, he’s not as tanky as other tanks without his skills. Careful that he doesn’t get killed before he could cast his def boost skills. Should be no problem if you have good priests in your team, though. Also, he doesn’t help your team survive as much as Clause or Glenwys. Also, his amp capability is sort of overshadowed by Shakmeh


Role: Support tank

Pros: Atk and Def boost. Very general PvE tank, good for eclipse and other battles with many stages

Cons: Not as useful in longer battles, not many fancy utilities. She is super ordinary.


Role: CC tank

Pros: Insane counter for magic PvP teams, great CC

Cons: Loses a part of his utility against physical teams, and is specific to PvP content

Clause (Regular Version)

Role: Tanky tank

Pros: Very general and tanky physical tank, damage boost for allies + improves team survivability against enemies that deal physical damage + CC. Sad onii-san. Good starter tank. After recent balance, has decent damage boost for the team.

Cons: Not useful against magic enemies. Some tanks are better choices for scoring content.


Role: Support tank

Pros: Very good end game tank, block reduction is super useful

Cons: Her skill/UW/SW description are insanely long. Like, overwhelmingly long. Which makes her a bit complicated to understand and use. She’s not a generalist and is specific to certain content that needs block reduction ex. Siegfried, Imet


Role: Offensive tank

Pros: Self-reliant. Heal rate boost on self and heal rate reduction on enemies. Very, very good amp for your DPS. Can be used in both PvP and PvE. One of the must-haves for end game physical teams.

Cons: An edgy brocon. Vespa nerfed his damage by 70% and I’m still lacking info on how he’s faring after that legendary nerf happened.


Rebel Clause (RC)

Role: Main DPS

Pros: If you get him to 1000 pen, all his attacks ignore def. Very, very useful against tanky bosses ex. Xanadus, Imet, TM raids

Cons: Not as useful for bosses that already have low def like WB2 or Shak, other DPS works better


Role: Amp sub-DPS/tank

Pros: Good-looking. Good AoE. Free. Prevents mana recovery. Jack of all traits. Can be a tank.

Cons: Jack of all traits, but master of none. His skillset is not intended to make him a main DPS. Combo with Ripine for max output, but will do fine without her (he can be a support for other characters)


Role: Amp/CC sub-DPS or main DPS (arena)

Pros: Dodge boost, atk boost, cri dmg boost, PvP backline diver, extra boost in guild war, good CC

Cons: Atk boost is not as efficient as other heroes for scoring content, countered by Demia in PvP, her legs look weird in some costumes


Role: main DPS

Pros: Extra life, CC + good damage, big chest and muscles, is becoming one of the physical DPS meta after his recent buff

Cons: Survival issues. Lifesteal doesn’t work on this hunk. Needs a bit of investment, but shouldn’t be too difficult considering how generous the game is these days. Even after his recent adjustment that makes him less likely to kill himself, make sure you got good healers. Also, is kind of falling out of use for recent content.


Role: Amp/tank

Pros: Probably one of the best single target atk boost in the entire game, can be used in both physical and magic teams, groups enemies together, has a perk where her atk can scale on her p def and so you can build her as a tank for scoring stages like WB1, has cooldown reduction

Cons: Getting perfect gears for her can be difficult (either all atk or all pdef) Try not to use her in Galgoria. It’s harder for your second DPS to climb. Super straightforward support so doesn’t have fancy utilities for late game bosses, although she’s still used there.

Dark Lord Kasel (DLK)

Role: Main DPS

Pros: Generalist PvE DPS

Cons: Uhh he’s a generalist so he’s not as effective for certain bosses? Personally some of his skills are a bit tricky to time, but otherwise he’s okay for beginners

Note: Useful even without Frey, but pair them for max output. Don’t give him any mana recovery, you’re wasting stat lines


Role: CC tank

Pros: Dispeller, stunner with very good AoE, backline diver, can use as tank, doesn’t need a lot of investment. Can be support in some TM raids.

Cons: Not useful in stages with few enemies, since her S3 got a really long cooldown and she loses CC potential if she can’t spam it. Not a DPS. Doesn’t deal much damage unless heavily invested.

Note: I rarely use her now lol, that’s kinda sad. I like her a lot.


Role: CC sub-DPS

Pros: Generalist PVE, alright for starters, has extremely good CC, free. Kawaii cat girl.

Cons: Doesn’t shine in any specific content, isn’t as shiny as a main DPS.

Note: I’m lacking info on Kirze since I rarely come across anyone that builds her as their main. If you have anything to add, please do.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Daddy. Meta in LoH

Cons: His usage ends there.

Note: Lol jk, Bernheim is alright for starters but he may be less general than DLK or Theo. Don’t build him with any mana. Like DLK, none of his skills use mana. Like Kirze, I rarely come across Bernheim mains so if you have info to contribute, please do.


Role: Tank/support sub-DPS

Pros: Very pretty LoH costume. Counters Leo/Bau cancer team, 2-in-1 dispel and cleanse, great CC, can be used either as tank or DPS in PvP

Cons: Limited usage outside arena (even though you sometimes see meme builds), she is not meant for DPS so you will need to invest highly if you want to use her for that.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Meta in Xanadus, insane heal rate reduction, deal damage that ignores def

Cons: Not as OP in bosses that already have low def, her T5 dark causes her to take increased damage in exchange for dealing more damage. Her UW reduces her own heal rate, but with certain priests that is not a problem

Note: With Seria’s recent adjustment patch, her damage relies heavily on her S3 burst which changed her gameplay and how she should be built. Take caution when you view older guides.

Hilda Evergarden

Role: main DPS

Pros: Wall deck melter, dangerous in LoH, with the right build she’s an absolute monster

Cons: You need to manual her. S2 can be a bit tricky to time. Doesn’t have a specific niche in PvE since the older heroes are as useful as her

Note: Seriously why does no one talk about how similar her backstory and overall feel is to Violet Evergarden lol


Role: CC sub-DPS

Pros: Consistent CC, very fast hit per second, can be both DPS and sub-DPS. Has self buff. FOR JANE!!!

Cons: All his self buffs are dispellable. Buff stacking is complicated, very tricky to maximize damage output. Useless in PvP.

Note: As a Theo main, I can testify that this guy can be a great main DPS… at high investment. *cries in terrible luck*


Role: CC support

Pros: Gains immunity while he spins, which has a lot of uses against many bosses. Also reduces a lot of CC gauge. Got an okay-ish amp.

Cons: His amp is not as impressive as Priscilla, but he’s useful in certain stages.

Note: If you wanna troll people, build him as DPS for arena.


Role: Tank?

Pros: DPS in LoH… at high investment.

Cons: Uh… what else is she useful for?


Role: Dodge tank

Pros: HAHAHAHA… um… yeah, he’s a troll DPS. And also a very annoying dodge tank.

Cons: Sometimes dashes in and gets himself and the rest of the team killed. Limited uses end game. Needs high investment to be any use. Mediocre.

Update: S3 doesn’t push enemies to backline anymore, I’m too old lol



Role: main DPS

Pros: Insane single target damage, smacks backline enemies’ bum-bums. Sexy as hell.

Cons: Loses damage from her passive in boss stages. Countered by Demia and/or tank priests in PvP


Role: main DPS

Pros: Also insane single target damage, but against bosses, main DPS at low investment, amp for your entire team. Skills have low mana cost.

Cons: She might not deal as much damage as pure DPS like Kara even with the same investment. Also is one of the few assassins that doesn’t have any diving skills.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Great DPS in PvP speed teams, current meta in arena. Occasionally loses all his hair in the heroes’ inn, which gives players a good laugh. Usable for some bosses.

Cons: Skill description is overwhelming as hell. Steep learning curve. Pretty useless in PvE except for certain bosses. SW reliant. And yeah… time his skills well!


Role: main DPS (?)

Pros: Pudding boi. Decent in PvE, though he’s not usually on the recommended list.

Cons: Reliant on Fury state.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Generalist, can be used in PvP and PvE. Very good single target DPS. If I’m not mistaken, you also get her for free.

Cons: Reliant on Target Lock On


Role: DPS

Pros: Targets enemies with lowest p def, making her useful for PvP. Has a very funny passive skill icon.

Cons: Vespa, why the heck did you give her damage boost against non-hero enemies? Arguably Tanya can be used as a support assassin or a DPS against some bosses but there are other assassins that do better than her in any field.

Note: I rarely see anyone build Tanya. I was going to, but her stealth-in-stealth-out thing was way too complicated for me lol


Role: main DPS

Pros: Cute imouto san, free, good for battles with many stages. Extremely good single target damage.

Cons: Needs Riheet for max damage output, loses her damage potential in single stage battles. Shit AoE. Needs her bro to cover the AoE for her.


Role: CC sub-DPS

Pros: Very cute hungry girl. Mana reduction. UW provides much needed crit and crit dmg, so you can use your gears for other stats. S1 is crazy good for messing up enemy lines, very good in LoH

Cons: Enhanced skills can make her a bit tricky, so if you expect to use some of the ‘enhanced’ property of her skills, you need her on manual. She sometimes get herself ganged up on when she dives. Not as easy to use in PvE. Skills consume 3 orbs.


Role: CC sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: Counters magic and/or wizard teams especially Lorraine/Xerah teams, and he can dispel their shields instantly while he dives (unless its an undispellable shield ex. Evan or Leo). S2 resets itself if he manages to kill someone, so you can potentially spam it.

Cons: S2 requires 2 orbs of mana. If he faces a physical team, he… becomes quite vulnerable. Also pretty bad against wall teams.

Note: I’m a Fluss user and I kind of regret building him since he’s built to counter really specific team combo, and there are other heroes that have a wider niche than him. However, against magic wizard teams it’s almost a guaranteed win. Physical wizards are another story, depends if they kill him first or he silences them first.


Role: support sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: Insane damage at high investment. Cute lazy demon. Self-supporting. Carry in TM raids. Can also be support assassin.

Cons: Manual for max damage output. Needs investment. Skills consume a lot of mana which can be a problem when you wake her up.


Role: sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: Second life. Has immunity to damage. Self-heal. Support in some bosses?

Cons: She would be most useful against stages with many enemies.

Note: Seen her most often in arena, and I win every time lol. I have no clue how she fares in PvE. Feel free to contribute info.


Role: sub/main DPS

Pros: Gives you discount at the arena shop. Okay with investment. Decent amp. For later TM raids, he’s built as a support because you can only take 1 hero from 1 class, and he does pretty good in that department.

Cons: NPC.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Float like butterfly!!! Cheeky best girl.

Cons: Needs insanely high investment and good gears, but if you do get her there… she’s an absolute monster.


Role: main DPS

Pros: After his recent adjustment, is currently one DPS of choice for bosses. No longer relies so much on his S3 spamming, and he has improved damage scaling mechanics compared to before.

Cons: Needs high investment. I’m not sure if his Shakmeh glitch is fixed yet, but I think it was.



Role: sub/main DPS

Pros: Has a shield that cannot be dispelled, and you can do what you want with the other team during its duration. Curses are very annoying to deal with.

Cons: She fell out of use due to… heck, I don’t know cuz I never touched her.


Role: main DPS

Pros: 1-hit-KO at high investment. Has shield.

Cons: If the other team has (continuous) cleanse, then no more 1-hit kills for her.

Note: Got a balanced patch which improved her utilities. Still in need of updated data.


Role: main DPS

Pros: ‘Blessing of the carrot’ is a cute as hell skill description. If you can use her S2, you can 1 hit kill the other team’s backline. Totem smasher.

Cons: Limited usage in PvE, is easy to counter by divers or tanky priests + melee dealers

Note: Luna was nerfed once because of her S2. Since then, she lost relevance and nobody uses her.


Role: support

Pros: Endgame support archer. Usable in PvP.

Cons: Her damage is not as impressive. She’s more of a support. And with the advent of Estelle I think she got kicked out of the support archer position.


Role: support

Pros: Boosts the team damage against bosses, good support for end-game raids

Cons: NPC and needs high investment. Again, she’s another archer that got kicked out of her position because of Estelle. Still usable if you have the resources and the love.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Good DPS with consistent damage, simple to use. If you choose her T5D, you don’t need cri dmg on her.

Cons: Needs high investment. Give her atk and cri.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Will carry you anywhere with dragons or draconics. With her recent balance patch, is a top-tier DPS for any dragon raids and can also provide your team with protection.

Cons: She’s super focused on slaying them dragons that outside of it, she’s outshined by literally every other DPS. She has a general PVE penetration build that I used a while ago, but when I tested it out again it’s not as useful anymore so yeah…

Note: The reason we have Yanne is that before, there were no Technomagic raids and dragon gears were the best gears in the game. Lava raid was quite popular too. Also, chapter 8 (volcano chapter) used to be so hard that players had a hard time passing it. After we have Lavril (no need for Lava gear), DL raid, the TM raids, and the story battles nerfed so bad, Yanne lost her standing. You can even call her a relic of King’s Raid history.


Role: sub-DPS

Pros: Is a support archer that gives you magic immunity. Has a shield that automatically pops up before a fatal blow.

Cons: Fell out of use due to newer heroes having shinier skill sets. Which is not surprising considering that with every single effing balance patch back then, Arch was nerfed over and over and over again.


Role: CC sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: Great CC, very straightforward skills and build.

Cons: Dimael’s true role is a main DPS, so he needs high investment to shine. Extremely UW reliant.

Note: There’s a Dimael main in the FB group whose name is Ratchaneekorn senpai. Ask senpai for any Dimael/Riheet related questions.


Role: sub/main DPS

Pros: Best mobslayer. Good shield. Can be a tank for Cain trials. Decent starter hero. Cute cat lover prince.

Cons: Useless in stages with 1 or few enemy.


Role: support

Pros: the new meta support in the game, some people are saying that she’s going to kick FFrey out of the throne. Boosts damage for the team, your main DPS, and also debuffs the enemies. She also heals the team.

Cons: Depends on your team comp. If you already have a lot of cri dmg boost in your team, she may be redundant. If you’re running Lavril in a physical team, Estelle can potentially replace her. Heck, just get Estelle. She’s good.



Role: DPS

Pros: LoH and guild war meta

Cons: Is an NPC, plus it’s quite complicated to get her


Role: CC sub-DPS

Pros: Good CC, troll DPS, decent in PvP



Role: main DPS

Pros: 1-hit-KO with 3rd skill, daddy of daddies, insane damage if you manage to time his skills right

Cons: Not beginner friendly, needs hunting mark stacks and UT3, plus you need to time his 3rd skill for max damage output. Best on manual.

Note: Don’t give him Atk spd


Role: main DPS

Pros: My bear gurl, chubby, very very good burst damage and single target damange, usable in PvP and PvE

Cons: Very bad at mob stages, has issues with her 1st skill where the casting time reduces her damage per second, S2 needs a bit of timing, might not be as good as some heroes that were built specifically for bosses like Mitra/Crow in long stages

Note: Check a player called Rodinaaa (Asia server) for build and gearing.


Role: support

Pros: Cooldown reduction for entire team. Very, very good support for scoring content. One of the must-haves. Doesn’t even need good gears to be useful.

Cons: He’s not as useful for early game and some non-scoring content.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Pure main DPS, it’s all about damage. Single target boss slayer.

Cons: Needs manual.


Role: main DPS

Pros: The bitch that everyone loves to bitch about. Good for both single and multi target and can take you anywhere aside from the arena.

Cons: Overrated but with a good reason. Loooooooong cooldown.


Role: support

Pros: Very good all-around support for magic teams. Depending on how you use her perks, she can also support physical teams.

Cons: Reliant on Overcharge, choose your perks wisely. Use UT3. Not as useful in physical teams.

Note: Don’t ask anyone if you can build Annette as main DPS. You’re welcome to try, but people will laugh at you. Also, if you wanna use her instead of a priest make sure you give her the right perks and use the pocket watch artifact on her.


Role: CC sub-DPS

Pros: Easy to build, straightforward AoE dealer and CC.

Cons: Not as useful for end game… unless you use her as tank for Cain trials. Damage not as impressive as some newer heroes.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Pretty good dealer for WB2 (Protianus) (I think he’s also the meta there). Has so many stacks on self and the main ones are irremovable.

Cons: Needs a while to stack his damage. Useless for short stages.


Role: support

Pros: Pretty decent support for bosses (esp. WB1) and other stages.

Cons: Her light effects get pretty confusing for new users. I find her skills pretty annoying to use. Some people say you don’t have to time anything with the lights, but like why the heck would you need heal rate reduction on bosses that can’t heal when you can get magic amp instead…


Role: main DPS

Pros: Extremely good single target boss slayer, can also be used in PvP

Cons: Needs cooldown reduction heroes like Priscilla and Oddy. Personally, I find her personality annoying lol.



Role: support sub-DPS

Pros: Good support in Eclipse and arena, is also an arena meta, can also heal your party and mess up the other team. Has a meme DPS build.

Cons: Manual, manual, manual.

Note: Vespa did fix his auto battle issue, but after staring at his skill rotation for a while I think manual still works better for him


Role: sub/main DPS

Pros: DOT poison, great CC, usable in PvE and PvP

Cons: Needs atk + pen lines if you wanna use her as main DPS

Note: Build with 1000+ pen for max damage. Her main source of damage is from poison which scales on atk and pen.


Role: main DPS/can sub in some stages

Pros: Has 3 ages, triple the cuteness. Magic amp for the team, okay-ish DPS for bosses

Cons: Fell out of use. Needs a while to stack. Skills consume HP, so she will need a solid support team. Overshadowed by newer heroes, especially Kara, Laudia, and Xerah


Role: CC sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: Freezes you. Kills you. AoE ice palace. The cold never bothered him. Is a trap. Troll DPS in arena.

Cons: Limited uses endgame. Can be easily countered in arena with the right heroes ex. those that has cleanse


Role: main DPS

Pros: Free. AoE fire damage. Good for clearing initial stages.

Cons: Make sure you stack her thingies before unleashing the fire storm. Not as useful end game (only see uses in Ascalon)


Role: support sub-DPS

Pros: Great support wizard for end game content.

Cons: Needs insane investment to be a main DPS. Just build her as support if you’re not willing to go that far. Skills are complicated to use. Sad thing is that people usually go for Veronica when it comes to wizards.

Note: Atk spd is fixed to 1000. Not affected by cooldown reduction.


Role: ?

Pros: Heals own HP. Auto shield. Looks great with sunglasses. I guess his niche is supposed to be in Guild War and PvP. Can be DPS or support, I’m not too sure.

Cons: His skillset is… weird. Which means outside of guild war, he’s… like, what can you use him for? If you wanna use him in regular stages, do you have to only put 3 heroes or have one of them die or something?

Note: Please contribute info. My friend gave up building this guy. Also, as far as I know, Dakaris has a glitch in PvP that hasn’t been fixed.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Burst DPS in PvP. Man, his blade stacks, man. I fear this dude.

Cons: Since his attacks are in a straight line, backline divers are a bit of a problem for him. Also Demia lol.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Very straightforward DPS. Can do both single and multi-target damage. Easy to build, pure damage dealer, doesn’t need as much investment as some other dealers.

Cons: No CC. In stages where there are divers, her S2 beam points in all sorts of weird directions. Also can easily get knocked down during S2, so you need to have shield on her if you don’t want to sacrifice damage for CC resist. Needs UT2 and reliable mana recovery.

Note: Older guides will recommend you build her with limited cri, since she gets those from her skill upgrades + priest buffs. As of recent, her skills no longer provide 250 cri. Just saying this in case anyone gets confused. Also, she’s cute AF.


Role: sub/main DPS

Pros: Has a colorful skill set. Burst DPS in PvP at high investment.

Cons: Manual only. Has a bit of a learning curve. Currently doesn’t have a niche… I think.

Note: Her def boost was nerfed. Careful when you read older reviews. She ain’t immortal anymore.


Role: support

Pros: Very, very, very good damage boost against bosses. All bosses, in fact. Even Protianus. Just get her.

Cons: NPC hero. There.

Note: You can still get her even if you don’t have a guild.


Role: sub/main DPS

Pros: Can carry you from beginning to end game. Can be both support and main DPS. Usable in both PvE and PvP.

Cons: Skills are harder to use than your average hero, which makes using her complicated. It’s okay early on to put her on auto, but if you wanna use her as main DPS, you need to manual her. She has a very specific skill order. I forgot what it was lol, ask her users. There are lots.


Role: CC sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: She is very scary in burst teams PvP. Has CC and great damage. Very cute skill animations.

Cons: People say she’s not as impressive in AoE content. I also heard she got mana issues, but not a lot of people have complained about that. Needs the right gears for mana recovery.

Note: Not affected by mana recovery per atk.


Role: main DPS

Pros: Very good starter DPS, general enough for a lot of stages. Has good CC.

Cons: Not as impressive in endgame (probably only used in Ascalon)


Role: CC sub-DPS

Pros: All skills are CC. Decent in early game if you don’t have Lorraine or any other CC heroes. Very good in PvP with the right gears.

Cons: Niche limited to PvP, her signature 3rd skill requires 3/4 orbs mana, which then causes her to fall out of use.


Role: support sub-DPS/main DPS

Pros: Gambler dude that can buff self + allies, can be both DPS and support. Good DPS in Eclipse.

Cons: Needs very high investment to be a DPS. His sub-DPS/support potential is overshadowed by others like Veronica or Annette. (Or even May, since May requires very little investment) and if he’s not your main DPS, he has limited usage.

Note: His DPS build relies on his 3rd skill spamming.


Role: Main DPS

Pros: OP damage reduction on self, ignores def so is good for tanky bosses. Good in Trial of Flow and many other content ex. Shakmeh

Cons: Since he has a relatively wider niche, Lucikiel may not do as well in burst damage as other heroes, say Gremory. Also, his SW has a glitch that causes him to not be able to rotate his skills, so watch your screen when you put him on auto.

Note: Pls contribute info



Role: Offensive support

Pros: Best cri dmg buff in the game. Great single target support, excellent in scoring content. Can go with both physical and magic teams, but better with magic.

Cons: Her healing is negligible, so usually needs to be paired with another priest. Hard to get good gears for her.

Note: Dark Legion set, as much cri dmg lines as you can. Good luck with that.


Role: CC support

Pros: Silence with 0 mana cost. Straightforward healing and skillset. Good p dmg amp. (Still needs confirmation, but his SW shield is not dispellable.)

Cons: Silence war with Cassandra, needs a lot of atk spd. Countered by heroes with cleanse like Rephy and Scarlet.

Note: Strictly a PvP priest.


Role: CC support

Pros: Silence with 0 mana cost (only for first cast), boosts atk and cri. Has charm. Go-to priest for event dungeons where everyone’s levels are locked at 60. Ban bait in LoH, great PvP priest.

Cons: Silence war with Leo, needs a lot of atk spd. Countered by teams with consistent cleanse.


Role: Support

Pros: Good starter physical priest, straightforward healing, provides immunity to 1 shot kills (if manual her S1) and good single target atk boost. Good physical amp. Can go with physical and magic teams.

Cons: Can get stunned during her S2, and may get your team killed on auto if she’s stuck waiting for the mana for her S3 OR if anyone is outside her S2 skill range. Buffs are dispellable. Not many uses endgame. One of her skills is bugged.

Fallen Frey

Role: Offensive support

Pros: Meta priest, all around support for early to end game content. Lots of utilities. If you cleared chapter 9, unlock her as soon as you can.

Cons: Careful with S3 timing, it takes a while to cast and if your team is dying, you may get your entire team killed. Also needs a bit of farming to get her. For late game, you really need to max out her UT2.

Note: Although I say she’s perfect for beginner, you better have a good priest already for clearing chapter 9. FFrey cannot be your only priest for late game. You should have at least one or two other priests/supports to help with healing, shield, and amps in 6-man teams.

Her recommended TM gear is Ascalon with S2 cooldown reduction and shield increase. Can also do Galgo.

(Vanilla) Frey

Role: Defensive support

Pros: Very strong single target heal, great shield for beginners, and good CC. Okay-ish damage boost.

Cons: Gets stuck casting her S3. Shield is dispellable. Her edgy self overshadows her on every aspect.


Role: Support

Pros: Trance stacking provides very good amp for the team. With her recent balance patch, she no longer needs 1000 CC resist. Continuous buff cancellation. Good in boss stages esp. WB1 and WB3

Cons: Needs 5*UW to be of any use. Shea Butter needs at least 2200 atk speed to maximize skill uptime.


Role: CC support (arena)

Pros: sad boi with intriguing backstory. Great counter for LoH cancers. Boosts dodge for the team.

Cons: Limited usage in PvE, only useful for certain bosses. S2 is tricky to get the timing right in arena, and so needs a bit of practice.

Note: No longer needs to die to use some skills.


Role: Support

Pros: Good amp, CC, and healing. General.

Cons: You may not like his character design. Some skills have long cooldown.

Note: Not really sure why people don’t use him. His skillset looks good, although for endgame there are priests with better utility.


Role: Generally Useless Support unless you use a burst team

Pros: Immunity shield at 1 mana cost, good in arena. Also, I’ve seen players use him as their go-to priest for the new dragon raid.

Cons: Shield is dispellable. Easy to counter.

Note: In PvE, I only use this guy for 1 floor of the Tower of Challenge. In PvP, he’s used in extreme speed burst teams, usually in a combo with Cass, Scarlet, or Leo. Only useful if you have a heavily invested main DPS that can wipe out the other team within the duration of his shield, or against team that has no or slow dispel.


Role: Defensive support

Pros: Mana battery, shield, and m block boost for entire team. Increases survivability against magic bosses. Great combo with mana-hungry heroes like Evan, Lilia, or Aisha. If you also have Loman, you are invincible against magic damage.

Cons: Loses some of her utility when facing physical bosses.


Role: support

Pros: Quickest cleanse in the game. Counters silencers and charmers. Grants invincibility for 1 ally. Continuous silencing with transcendence perk. Mana battery, although not as much as Laias. Tanky. May the spiritual guide Rephy bless you with his adorable ear twitches.

Cons: No niche in end game content. Other heroes can also cleanse and do more things than him *cough* Evan. S2 shield doesn’t protect team against physical damage. And that skill shouldn’t even be called a shield.


Role: support

Pros: Great priest for physical teams, can do both PvP and PvE. Can also support magic teams to a certain degree. Counters certain cancer teams in PvP and is becoming a meta himself. Usable even with tanky gear. All in one priest, does everything…

Cons: But with 2-page skill rotation. Needs some mana. Manual for maximum efficiency.

Note: Will only need a few lines mana since he’s also affected by cooldown.


Role: Offensive support/CC

Pros: CC, amp, healing. Usable even with tanky gears and horrible stats. After her balance patch, very good damage amp against non-hero enemies and is becoming a go-to priest for scoring content.

Cons: NPC.


Role: support

Pros: Eclipse goddess. Ascalon queen. Usable for regular PvE.

Cons: Loses her support potential in single stage battles.


Role: Offensive support

Pros: One of the PvP meta priests. Has both defensive and offensive skills and a lot of utilities.

Cons: Skill timing needs some practice, and again, she’s an NPC

That was all the heroes for King’s Raid. If you disagree with anything said above or have any info to contribute for any hero, please feel free to leave a comment.

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11 thoughts on “King’s Raid Beginner’s Guide: Overview of all characters/heroes pros and cons”

  1. I’m a newbie starting out and gotta say I love your guide! they’re very useful I’ve been following a lot of them!

    also some of the pros and cons are fun to read.. lol I’m a husbando guy too~~


  2. Thanks for the info, man! Got back to the game after a long time and it is hard to find an up-to-date guide like this. I’m glad that we still have dedicated people like you in this community. Keep up the good work, buddy!


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