King’s Raid – are the starter characters useful? (Kasel/Frey/Roi/Cleo)

The answer is: depends.

*This post is no longer being updated, so this information may be outdated due to recent balance patches. Therefore, this post is a general suggestion, not a verdict.*


King's Raid] Dark Lord Kasel Hard Difficulty - YouTube
the protag that everyone forgot about

Kasel used to be really bad. People would curse the hell out of Lua when they pulled his UW.

Now, this man is called Godsel for a reason. He got a hidden buff in chapter 9 (from his UW, if I remembered correctly). However, Kasel will need a hell lot of investment and proper gears to be as useful as other heroes. Common options for him are: dodge, dodge, dodge, and yeah… dodge.

I recommend you look up Kasel videos on YouTube. He kicks ass in PvP. In PvE… well, not a lot of people use him because he has no niche, and other heroes you get during early game is more useful than him in many aspects. Plus, he has no niche for end game content, so even if you spend your resources building him, later on, you will have no place to use him.

In short: if you wanna be a troll, use Kasel in PvP. If you’re looking for a general melee, look elsewhere.


King's Raid | Frey | 여전사

Very good for starter teams. You can switch her out with other priests later, but she’s worth building anyway for early game since she has a very good shield and single target heal for keeping your tank alive. Her UW gives crit and crit dmg boost, but it may not be as useful as other support heroes for late game.

Some people still use her in PvP, but her shield can be dispelled, which makes her less useful than PvP-specific priests like Cass or Leo.

In short: build her for PvE, she’s worth it.


File:Visual Roi.png - King's Raid Wiki
nice rear.

Single target DPS, was one of the better physical boss killer/DPS in general, but then I think he got nerfed or overshadowed by some of the newer heroes. Still kicks ass with (a lot of) investment, particularly if you can get him to spam his 3rd skill. Worth it if you like, y’know, his rear.

I only see Roi in League of Honor, and even then I don’t really see a Roi that kicks asses. From my experience with him, he’s way better with PvE.

In short: If you want Roi as your main DPS for physical team, then build him, though there are a lot of other choices that will require fewer investment.


King's Raid - (เกมเทพ ดอทคอม)
anyone remember this icon?

AoE magic dealer. She needs a bit more investment than your general DPS to shine. The Cleo vs. Artemia debate has been going on for a long time, so I’ll just say… choose whoever you like more lol. If you like Cleo, build Cleo. She’ll need a bit more investment than Artemia.

For PvP, you need a lot of investment to make her kick ass. Her signature skill is to use her 3rd skill and wipe the other team off the realm of this earth at once. (I was twice her victim.) But let me repeat that she needs a lot of investment to get there.

In short: As with many DPS, build her if you like her. No one will stop you.

To conclude:

Worth building: Frey

Okay: Cleo

Needs a load of investment: Roi, Kasel

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