King’s Raid Intermediate Heroes Guide – Which ones should I get next?

Got your starter teams all set? These heroes can add some spice to your growing arsenal. If not, check out my beginner’s hero guide to check out my list of hand-picked beginner friendly heroes. Or, if you want to know about all heroes, check here for a list of all heroes pros and cons.

This guide will be divided into contents and which heroes are good for what. If heroes are good for more than 1 content, their names will appear in more than one spot or I will mention it under their names. This guide is based on my experience, so it will not cover every hero. This guide also includes NPC heroes. Does not include pictures to save your mobile data.

*this post has ceased update in 2021*

Note that this is based on my experience and personal views.

Boss Content

Latest Update: March 2021

Includes WB and Raids.



Useful for all content PVE, period.


Her single target damage is insane, really. I’ve seen her in all bosses, but she performs best in WB1 from what I’ve seen.


Meta for WB1. Great single target damage. You can also use her for general PVE content. She performs best on manual, so if you’re not used to it, go for auto-friendly heroes like Laudia instead.


Highly recommended against physical bosses. She can boost your damage and keep your team alive, but do keep in mind that she needs high investment.


Along with Annette and Fallen Frey, Lavril is one of the three must-have support for magic teams. She’s really good at boosting your main DPS’s damage potential, but make sure there are other priests on the team since most of her skills are either buffs or attacks.


Common hero in WB3 teams and a must-have according to some players. Must have for Galgoria magic teams. Good for her flame stacks.


Esker can boost the whole team’s attack and has a decent boss skill set himself. With his transcendence perk, he can also increase entire team’s attack speed. I’ve seen him in WB1 and WB3. Has a DPS build (requires a lot of investment) and a support build. But if you have Veronica, she is a more useful support than him, in my opinion.


Must-have for cooldown reduction. Useful for any scoring content.


Must-have for bosses in general. She’s an NPC but it shouldn’t be too hard to get her considering how much Vespa is giving out free stuff right now. Insanely good for bosses, since her skillset is dedicated to boosting damage against them.

Fallen Frey

Already said in the beginner’s guide, but she can carry you in almost every boss.


Oh yeah Shea buff!!! Shove 2200+ atk speed on her to max her up time and you have an extremely good score booster for your bossing team. Needs UW5* though, if you don’t have her there you need a bit of CC resist.



This guy does insane damage in some challenge raids with his hunting mark. Use UT3 so that he doesn’t get knocked down while charging his beam. Although he’s performed best on manual and needs really good support.

I’d have also recommended Mitra here, but even after he got buffed he’s still kinda meh in my opinion, so there you go. (If you wanna main DPS him specifically for WB2, please do. He’s the meta for that boss.) Pansirone had already been introduced in the beginner’s guide.


One of the better single target DPS out there. Although she’s getting outclassed by the Hound Unit people in WB *cough Crow and Pansirone cough* Rodina’s strong point is that she a burster, deals very high damage in short time.


Best single target ATK boost in pretty much the game? Needs UT2 to max out her abilities, but Pricilla is good for all sorts of content, not just for bosses (some people put her in Dark Legion etc). Give her as many ATK lines as you can OR make her a p def tank and give her the perk where atk rises equal to half of p def, and you can also use her to tank WB1 and many other bosses. If you have Cecilia, you need Priscilla for cooldown reduction.


This guy can do everything, period.


Versatile tank, can do anything.


Must have for Siegfried and Trial of Earth. Is a great tank herself, has block reduction and boosts entire team defense.

Rebel Clause

Great against any tanky bosses ex Xanadus and Imet, however, does less damage against less tanky bosses like WB2 and Shakmeh. If at 1k pen, all his damage will ignore def by default, making him an extremely promising DPS against thick armor.


New hero! She is an all-rounder support archer and the new must-have for boss content. She can be be used in magic teams as well as physical teams. She’s perfect for the archer slot in technomagic raids.


The meta is ever changing, so your best bet is to look at what people in the higher ranks are using or go watch some LoH streams from players like Flynn, Kamfa, or Rodinaaa.

However, some of these heroes have been on the meta list for a long time. They are:



Can remove buffs and can attack in a straight line, which means he can easily wipe the backliners out. You can also use him for some guild raids.


Was meta back in the old days, I’m not sure how relevant she is right now without a good build, but I still see her from time to time in PvP. She’s either a CC or a burst dealer. Think hard before you decide to build her.


One of the LoH regulars. She works best on manual, so it’s natural that she aces in PVP. I’ve seen her generally in wall decks along with Loman. She also works well for some PVE stages.


Good for shield, block boost, and P weakness. Versatile and can also be used in boss content and general PVE. Usually seen in speed burst teams.


Speed is the key for Leo, as the one that casts silence first wins. Good for damage burst teams. Is Cassandra’s rival when it comes to casting silence. (Cassandra is also another PvP hero that’s been on the meta list for a long time.)


Can silence the whole team like Leo, plus she got damage boost and a lot of other shiny utilities like charm.


Usually a dodge tank. She is an all-in-one CC, cleanser, and buff remover. I’ve also seen DPS Scarlet that kills people with one skill. If you don’t know who to use for your PvP team, check Scarlet out.


Guild NPC and useful if your guild constantly participates in Guild Wars. Hanus herself is commonly found in LoH in speed burst teams. One of the heroes to watch out for.


She’s mostly in LoH as a burst DPS + CC.


Stun counters CC teams including Demia teams. Can counter a lot of cancer heroes if timed properly. Needs a bit of practice but from personal experience, he’s worth it.


She pulls backlines to the front, and pulls divers like Naila or Fluss towards her. Also tanky AF. Has been used since the day the game launched and is still relevant.


Like I said, this bitch is everything.


Cain is a very versatile support. I’m seeing this guy everywhere. He’s similar to Juno in that he has 2 skill sets. Other than PVP, he is good for general PVE (although his issue with auto-battle got fixed, I still think he works best on manual).



Her PVP skill is the third one, which can disrupt the team formation of the other party and stun them for a few seconds. If combo-ed with a heavy DPS, the entire team can be easily wiped out. Mana recovery and speed is key.


She’s got her self defense boost skill and has decent CC and damage capabilities. Used in wall decks. Not sure if still relevant.


NPC tank, known for her CC. Suitable in speed teams. Really common nowadays in higher leagues.


Also for speed teams. He has a bit of a learning curve but he is useful in PvP if invested and timed properly. Needs SW.

Fallen Frey

She’s also in PvP… but often as a sub-DPS. High versatility and can do a lot of PvP stuff like cleanse and dispel. Watch out in LoH, if the other team gets DLK you have to get FFrey or else they’re gonna combo.


Though any PVE heroes work well with dragons, it’s better to use physical team against frost dragon and and magic team against the rest. Do people even farm dragons these days?


She is known as the dragonslayer for a reason. Yanne can carry you through any dragon raid except black dragon hard. Note that Yanne is not a must, though. Yanne is also useful in Lava Raid with draconic mask. However, nobody farms lava gear anymore.


Already introduced in beginner’s guide, but will repeat again here. His 3rd skill can down the dragon.


Also already introduced in beginner’s guide. Same as Gau, she downs the dragon.


Eclipse underwent revamp and idk what’s going on with it now.


Your heal rate gets reduced in Eclipse, so Rehartna will help boost your heal rate in addition to boosting ATK. Scales more atk boost the more you use her. Can also be used for Shakmeh and Ascalon.


Has def boost which becomes useful in later waves.

Fallen Frey

F Frey can technically be used anywhere, but put her with your best team. She has heal rate boost and a good shield.

Esker is also useful here as a main DPS, if heavily invested.



Good support for Shakmeh and can be DPS if invested. She can reduce heal rate. (Duh, she’s updated along with the Shakmeh patch.)


Block reduction.

Some other recommended heroes floating around are: Yuria, Esker, Nia (+UT3), Clause, Glenwys, Chase

Dark Legion

The key to DL raid is that your support and tank need a lot of P. Block to avoid getting killed by the boss. Heroes that can boost the team’s block like Neraxis, Clause, or Demia are especially useful. General team composition is 1 tank + 1 DPS + 4 supports. I’m not an expert on Dark Legion, so I hope this will be useful.


May is versatile, she can bestow various buffs for the team. Can be used in Dark Legion as well as Shakmeh.


Very good for improving win rate. Is a 7-in-1 priest that can kick a lot of priests from their thrones. Needs about 2 lines of mana recovery, otherwise, works at 1* UW.

Technomagic Raids deserve their own post, so I will end this guide here.

What heroes did I miss? Do you have some tips to share? Leave a comment below!

That’s it for the guide. Thanks for reading and I hope it helped. If you want to support my blog, consider buying me a coffee ❤ Thank you.

9 thoughts on “King’s Raid Intermediate Heroes Guide – Which ones should I get next?”

    1. It’s not useful, to be honest.
      It used to be recommended for melee DPS back when all the UT and SW stuff weren’t in the game, but right now it’ll just take up space for the damage-oriented options. I don’t recommend it unless your DPS keeps dying.
      For tanks, people recommend more on block or dodge.


  1. Wow! What an amazing guide of heroes. I actually never played Kings Raid; only knew it after I was searching for good looking anime characters and see your blog. This blog really convinces me to play this game. Out of all heroes, I personally like Kibera the most because he’s sorta difficult to handle(yeah I like it rough) and needs to play a lot to master as long as youtube videos told me so. And partly also he’s attractive:)

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