King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi Ep. 1 Hype : Clause is underrated

The boob-sword is back in the new anime edition of the hot mobile game King’s Raid. (Seriously, the developer team re-designed this sword so that the players won’t call it the boob-sword anymore! Why is it this again?!)

On a more serious note, I’ve been blogging this game for a while (and been playing the game since 2016) so I’m glad to go back to anime blogging for King’s Raid: Successor of the Will.

The anime so far seems to follow 2 main characters: Kasel and Riheet (or Rihito). Kasel is an apprentice knight training under his elder brother from the orphanage, Clause. When Clause was seemingly left to die on a mission, Kasel followed in search of him. Little did he know; that would be the time he would discover that he is the new wielder of the Holy Sword Aea, who would have to save the entire continent from the Dark Legion.

Riheet and his kin want revenge. It seemed Orvelia wrecked his home or something. That’s all we know for now.

So far, the story is off to a slow start. The animation is a bit better than expected from the trailers. I didn’t expect the overlooked baddy El Moriham to make an appearance this early on. So far, it’s been a lot of promises: Kasel’s potential for growth, Riheet and co’s plan to take over Orvelia, El Moriham’s agenda, and Maria’s (feather lady) mysterious relationship to the dark side. We’re still getting the slice of life scenes to set things up, but plot should start moving in the next episode. (The game’s storyline doesn’t kick up until like… chapter 8, so I don’t expect any fast pace from this anime lol)

One thing King’s Raid did quite well so far is not to dump too many in-game characters on the audience. I notice that some mobile game adaptations, they try to dump as many characters early on, so the players can be like: oh yeah, my fav character is in the anime! King’s Raid blended in-game characters (Kasel/Frey/Clause/Maria/ and the cameo Juno/May) quite well with original ones and introduced them slowly so we remember who is who. Although that makes this first episode so generic.

And Clause is so much more important in the anime than the game. I’ll not put any game spoilers here, but Clause wasn’t very important until end-game storyline. He’s just kind of there in the background, until when the story needed him. I’m glad they’re giving him screen time, because this guy has a complex psychology which can give a lot of flesh to the anime.

best starter physical tank and everyone’s favorite onii-chan

Fun fact

Clause actually died in the beta version of the game. (This isn’t considered a spoiler since that content has been removed for the better lol.) Many players (including me) were like, WTF Vespa?! (the company that made the game) You give him out as a playable character for free and you kill him?! And then they took it out. And now in King’s Raid X: Rebellion… well, check it out for yourself.


As mentioned, Kasel has a lot of room to grow. What I’m looking forward to most is not when Theo (my senpai) will make an appearance, but Kasel’s dilemma when he got the Holy Sword.

His one very iconic line in the interactive section of the game is this: “Is it okay to rest? Even when rest is needed…” He felt like he could never rest, because it’s his responsibility. I look forward to how they’re going to go about this in the anime.

Also, Frey’s most iconic scene in the game ruined her character… for the better. I’ll expand on this when the anime catches up to that part.

For now, thanks for reading, and check out my posts on the game.

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