Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) Vol. 8 – Summary + Review – bonutzuu’s Light Novel Archives

The world is saved. People from the other side of a black surface are able to get pregnant. Suddenly, another girl appears, also claiming that she will, like Ai, ‘save the world.’


A funeral was held for those who died fighting Madame. At the same time, Yury and Scar’s marriage ceremony was held. The entire town was lively with a festival. People flooded into the town to go to the other world inside the black surface, but then a girl came out. The girl had no name, and after mishearing the word “Nai” (no name), Ai named her ‘Nein’ (as in no).

Nein is the Witch’s daughter and go around yelling that she will make everyone’s wishes come true. She then revived a dead man. Everybody went crazy. She spent an entire day reviving people. The next day she realized that it’s dumb to revive people one by one, so she thought she’d just wish that 1) all dead people come back to life 2) get rid of all grave keepers and 3) babies could be born.

Nein didn’t even get to make the first wish when Alice shot her, realizing that Nein wasn’t here to save the world, she’s here to destroy it. However, the bullets didn’t work, but Alice kept shooting her over and over. (accompanied by a badass illustration) They fought and fought and finally Nein ripped Alice’s body to shreds. However, the man wasn’t done yet. Alice found a solution to kill the invincible kid who could do anything: turn himself into a giant silver bullet that rips through her until she’s dead. Alice used his buzzer beater to aim at ‘evil people’ and so if the ‘evil’ Nein dies, the next evil person will be destroyed by him and so on. Ai realized this and so put herself between the bullet and Nein. The bullet turned into a burst of rainbows (literally) and out came Alice and all is well.

Except that apparently Ai is now dead.


Well. That was some interesting developments.

The latter half of the book was very intense, but it’s hard to get what’s going on with these fantastical events. Ai’s stand in this is really confusing. So does she not want to save the world? Does she just want to travel? What the heck is her purpose at this point anyway? And the more I read, the more I absolutely cannot believe that Ai is 13 years old with that kind of sophisticated dialogue and narration. It’s kind of like Fragile Dreams, where kids suddenly turn into poets when talking about their ending world.

This volume was full of clashes in philosophies that turned into some kind of Clash of the Titans. The author’s narration is full of hyperboles, as always, although it’s not as over the top as the previous volume.

The next volume will be the last, and I can’t wait to see how Ai’s journey to save or not save the world would end.

Previous volume here.

Volume 1-5 here.

Volume 9 spoilers here.

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23 thoughts on “Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) Vol. 8 – Summary + Review – bonutzuu’s Light Novel Archives”

      1. Nope. Sadly, still not out after two years. Not in print, not in eBook. I think if there’s still no news by the end of this year, I’ll just make a post about volume 9 spoilers I compiled from across the internet.


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for making summaries + reviews of each volume. I was devastated when the anime ended way back in 2013 and it was confusing as heck if Alice really died and vanished in the loop or if he’s really alive because of Ai’s wish. It was also difficult to find any translation (or raw in the matter) of all the volumes and I ended up with more questions on how KamiNai really ended or if Alice x Ai was really canon. I remember finding some raws a year later and got even more sad when I found out Ai died and Alice shot her. I concluded it based on the illustrations I found. But thank god that’s not really the case! I’m actually glad to see their feelings for one another are this strong. I hope Ai soon reciprocates Alice’s feelings ♡

    Your blog entries are really helpful! Ah I can’t wait for the final volume too!


    1. Thank you for reading! I felt the same back in 2013, and I’m so glad to have the chance to read the translations that I need to share it!
      I can’t wait to read the final volume… but I can tell you, Ai x Alice is cannon ❤


  2. I first saw the anime in 2013, it was my first anime and got me into watching more. I have waited since then to read or watch the ending of the series, but apparently it never got translated to english. I rewatched the series the past few days and after searching for the novel i stumbled upon your worldpress blog. I am really amazed that i finally am gonna find out the ending of the series and am very thankfull to you. I will be waiting for your review of the last novel. Can i ask a question? Did you read the novels in japanese or find them in english ? Cause if they exist in english i would really love to read them as well. Again thank you very much!!!


    1. Hey, thanks for discovering me!
      I read the novel in Thai and translated it to English XD The translator made sure to keep it very close to the original text, so I don’t think there’s any problem.
      I can’t wait to find out the ending either, I hope the last book will come out soon! (the sales are really good over here so I’m sure the publisher will not drop it, let’s wait together)


  3. I just read up on all your reviews of the story and it’s been so cathartic reading what happened after the anime finished. It’s been a while since the last review was posted, is it because the final volume has been delayed or have you not gotten around to reading it? Thank you so much for this anyway!


    1. I think the final volume was delayed due to the pandemic. I have heard nothing from the publisher in my home country so far, but I guess the sales aren’t doing very well because the economy’s been hit hard. I’d like to read it as soon as possible tho ;(


  4. Guys, please help, i really want to read the novel but I didnt find ani page to download it or read it online, can somebody helpme with the links of the all novel vol.?


  5. Was the last novel volume ever published? 😦 I would love to hear a summary of what happens if possible. Thanks soo much for these posts ❤ I watched the anime a long time ago but happened to remember the premise recently, then went down the rabbit hole of trying to find translations of the novel until I reached your site.


      1. I just found your summary of this novels and it was really helpful! i was left with a void in my heart when the anime ended in 2013, I hope you are doing well and hope soon that I can read your final summary of the novel! cheers!


      2. At this point I’m sort of worried the publisher over here is going to put it on indefinite hiatus… but nevertheless, I’m learning Japanese so the next time you read it might be my read of the original, maybe haha


  6. hi, I’m from Brazil and I read your blog with the help of Google translator. Kaminai is one of my favorite anime / manga and I was crazy looking for the manga on the internet but I couldn’t find it at all! Finally an angel appeared who made a mini summary and wrote about the 8 volumes I was looking for, I am looking forward to the next volume and would like to know how do I find the manga to read? Thank you so much for making these summaries and I was very happy to know that AixAlice is a canon 🙂


  7. I am looking forward to your review of the final volume! I watched this series when I was twelve (2013) but dropped it for some reason. Yesterday, I decided to rewatch and finish this show, which I did, and now, I am craving more content because the anime’s ending felt so rushed and incomplete. After learning about the light novel series, I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog and appreciate it very much. I cannot believe that I stayed up till 3 am today to look for answers about Ai and the gang’s journey after the anime (but it was worth it).

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