Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) Vol. 7 – Summary + Review – bonutzuu’s Light Novel Archives

Alice’s life is on the line. Ai realizes she is incapable of saving anything. With Madame ELH on rampage, what will happen to the two’s relationship?


After the events of volume 5, Alice came back to life. Volume 7 picked up the second half of the arc set up by volume 6. Everyone in Ostia ran away from Madame’s courtroom as she went crazy, releasing infinite number of metal insects. It turned out that Madame was a dead person, and so the insects (which were part of her body) were also technically dead. Scar used her shovel to throw dirt at the insect, which put them to rest for good. However, there were too many insects. Ai used her shovel as a surf board and rode on the swarm of insects, thinking of what to do. Alice came in with a Molotov. His ‘buzzer beater’ is actually a power used to manipulate odds, but apparently he can also control magical flames. How cool is that. Alice threw the Molotov, setting the entire swarm aflame and burning his own hand in the process. Ai got angry at him for doing dangerous things without telling anyone. Alice confessed that now that he’s freed the people from the loop, he’s just a husk of the Alice that died already. Ai told him that she still needs him and that brought him back to his senses.

Some time later, a John Sullivan showed up. He’s actually part of Madame’s court, but told Ai that he wants to bury Madame. They went up to the hill overtaken by Madame and still burning from Alice’s fire. The ashes showed Madame’s past. She was a slave girl, missing one leg and one eye. She was saved from her misery by the law. From that point, Madame had absolute faith in the law, becoming a lawyer, and founding an orphanage that her 70 years old self looked after. However, in a flat nearby, a boy was left to starve for one month by his parents, and he wished the whole town would burn. And it really happened. Madame, burned along with all the children, was picking up parts to fix her body when she ran into the boy. She then adopted him and named him John Sullivan, after the child she wished she had. However, now that he’s grown up, Madame didn’t recognize him. Both John and Madame went crazy and all had to retreat.

Ai, Scar, and D had a break in an onsen, where they discussed life philosophies. D told Ai that ‘saving the world’ is not a dream but a goal, and so Ai rediscovered her dream: to be herself. Conversation shifted to love stuff, where Scar and Ai questions D about what love feels like. Ai felt that she might like Alice but wouldn’t be sad if Alice likes D, and so D planned to go capture Alice’s heart. However, John Sullivan came back along with the townsfolk who claimed to have discovered Madame’s true body.

D’s goal is to reclaim the ‘black surface’ which is another loop created by another girl, Izola. However, in exchange for Ortus (the necropolis) and Flemigola (the city of the living) helping them with Madame, the mayor of Ostia gave the black surface over to those superpowers. D got pissed. Scar went over to Madame and pulled out all the fake parts, exposing her true body, and lett her play with Celica. Madame came back to her senses.

The ambassadors from Ortus and Flemigola started bickering over who gets the black surface. Then comes to most badass line in the entire series:

“I am Ai Astin, a Grave Keeper.” and she will protect the black surface, a world that a girl she never met created.

However, that girl came out from the black surface. She informed everyone that in the loop, people are able to get pregnant, and when people are gonna die, they will cross over to this side. So Ai’s world became an afterlife. And so the world is saved.

In the epilogue, Ai and Alice agreed to stay in their own world.


Well, that was an interesting development. This volume was good with all the emotional stuff, and the old Kaminai is back again from whatever that happened in the previous volume.

The issue I have with Madame is still an issue. So you’re saying that the lady getting all flustered over D’s remarks and wore a maid costume is actually an ex-lawyer kindly grandma who’s also called the Thousand Year Witch? Seems like they’re completely different people, though. This seems like an issue with volume 6 tries to make commercial characters while volume 7 goes back to being the usual weird Kaminai. You could say that this discrepancy is more or less supported by the plot, but the personality discrepancy just… shouldn’t be there.

Also, the two ambassadors presented barely had any presence, and even when it’s their turn to be important, they just got pushed aside. Why bother adding them in and even dedicating an illustration to them, then?

Other than those two minor issues, this volume was really interesting. Soon, the truth of the world might be revealed, so stay tuned.

(One other thing: the author mentioned eating turkey sandwiches or something. Are… like, animals exempted from the rules of ‘nobody dies nobody is born’ or something?)

Previous volume here.

Volume 8 here.

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