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12,000 years later the fusion scenes are still as suggestive as ever.

I watched the original Aquarion when I was like… younger than ten, and all I remembered was that the music was so good and the signature phrase: “GO AQUARION!”. So when the manga version of the sequel I never bothered to watch went on wholesale I bought it just for nostalgia’s sake.

And it’s so dumb I love it.

EVOL takes place 12,000 years after the original Aquarion. The characters have all reincarnated and there’s a lot of weird stuff going on. The first two volumes were cringy AF but it got a lot better after Yunoha and Jin’s arc.

There are a few factors that should be taken into consideration before starting to rant, and these are why I cut EVOL some slack. One, according to the director himself, it’s intended for kids. Two, in the first volume’s extra pages, the director even said that it’s over the top, and so it’s not intended to be taken that seriously. And also, I grew up with the cringefest that was Saint Seiya, so yeah I’m used to these mythical wtf stuff. And Yoko Kanno did the music for the anime, so however shit the story may be I will forgive it.

But this manga wasn’t bad at all. First, the art was really great and the characters were all pleasant to look at. There were some issues with the double pages but that’s with the publisher not the author. The robots also looked really great and didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Bottom line, everybody looks really good and the backgrounds look really cool.

But no matter how good the characters look, I did not seem to care too much about most of them. Mikono and Amata are the classic shounen anime couple and it’s so darn annoying to read. Kagura is just… there because we need a villain. Zessica is actually more relateable…until they threw the mind control stunt in. At one point I got so sick of Mikono and Amata that I started rooting for the villain to win. The best thing that happened to this manga is Jin and Yunoha. End of story.

The manga left a bunch of unanswered questions and the last volume was rushed, but overall the story was focused with limited to no filler fanservice, and it managed to wrap everything up quite well. The only thing still on my mind is Cayenne’s vision of Jin being the one-eyed demon robot, which I don’t get the significance. Also, his vision of Mikono marrying Kagura just got threw out somewhere. It would’ve been cool if that actually happened and they managed to stop it.

Unlike usual manga adaptations of animes, this manga is really well-done and can stand on its own, in my opinion. If you like mecha and stupid mythical cringy lovey stuff, do give it a read.

And here comes the rant section. Spoilers ahead.

…WTF is with Mykage calling male Zessica ‘Zexy’? Like, WTF? Really? Is that like… supposed to be ironic or some shit? After Zessica turns into a male after arriving in Altair, Mykage dresses her in male clothes and start telling the heartbroken Zessica: “Alright Zexy, you gotta do this and that. Look, isn’t that Mikono, your arch nemesis? Go kill her, Zexy!” And I was legit laughing. Like, Zexy. Zexy. (Also, in the text they always write it as ZEXY, all caps, no kidding.)

The funniest thing was that Kagura kept telling Mikono that she stinks and then proceeds to lick her. This happened a few times and instead of being some kind of intense love-hate scene I was laughing so hard.

Kagura and Zessica appeared together on volume 2’s cover, and I just thought that “hey, these two should get together, their chemistry would be perfect” and at the end of the manga, they kind of did. Wow.

And Apollo and Amata actually a dog’s reincarnation? Nice!

And that was Aquarion EVOL. Thanks for reading. Coming in the manga archives: Tetsugaku Letra. Coming up in the light novel archives: Sunday Without God volume 7. Stay tuned.


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