Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) Vol. 6 – Summary + Review – bonutzuu’s Light Novel Archives



The first hundred pages dealt with Ai’s guilt of having saved the world. To be honest, I did not really understand this part. It’s like Ai is guilty for having brought Alice back to life when in reality he was already dead, and because Ai now wants to stay in Ostia with Alice, her wish to save the world is being shaken. Or something like that. The first part of the book deals with Ostia’s renovation after its residence were stuck in a loop for years and left the real city to rot. Ai feels sad all the time and Alice held her hand. D got her real body back, and people who wanted revenge on her came to kill her, but ultimately failed because D is not the same Witch of the West that brought destruction on people anymore.

The second part of the book is about a Madame Express Legions Hive (who the f named you???), who is like a portable court room. Alice is taken in, being guilty of having came back to life. Ai and D tried to defend him in court, but Alice pleaded guilty because he wanted to protect everyone in Ostia from Madame ELH and her evil, biased judgement procedure.

Worse comes to worse when the entire city tried to fight Madame, and Alice saw the need to protect them and tried to kill himself. Ai didn’t want him to die, and so ensued chaos in the court by running to him and hugging him. Ai had come to the conclusion that she needed Alice alive and saving the world can sit in the corner for now. Madame lost her shit and everyone escaped the courtroom.

In the epilogue, Ai and Alice had a picnic atop a hill. After the meal, they glanced at the school where Madame had turned into her iron fortress and obliterated everything in the surrounding area.

The novel ended with something like this:

“It’s okay even if we have no dreams. At least we’re still alive, and that’s what matters.”


I really don’t know if I still like this story anymore. Sure, there’s a lot of AixAlice in these past volumes, but Kaminai lost some of the world-end, mythical vibes that made me like it so much in the first few volumes. It’s like Kimihito-sensei just wrote about whatever weird characters popped up in his dreams last night. Yes, they are creative, but that’s all there is to them. Creative.

There’s nothing about gravekeepers or gravekeeping or walking dead people. I miss those bits. But on a brighter side, this is a story of two people, the story of a 12-year-old name Ai and a boy called Alice, not a story of a half-gravekeeper and a buzzer beater.

I do hope volume 7 steers itself towards more interesting stuff. This is the first volume of a two-volume arc, so it’s understandable if the start is slow, but barely anything happened in the story until, like, the final 30 pages (considering the book is the size of my tiny Asian girl hand).

The narration towards the end reminds me of Maze Runner. It uses these hyperbole’s like ‘her soul shattering to pieces’ or ‘her bones were crushed and her skin turned to foam’, which is similar to how Mr. Dashner wrote.

Overall, this volume was meh. But don’t worry, I’ll keep reading and posting.

Previous 5 volumes here.

Volume 7 here.


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