November Full Moon Shine & “Synergizing” for Christmas

It’s one day after Halloween and I see Christmas lights coming up. Shows how big Christmas is in America.

I had a White Thanksgiving where the temperature is -17 celsius and it was pure torture for someone used to a temperature of 38 celsius. Even so, I went to play outside in the 45 cm snow without boots, just my tennis shoes and a pair of socks.

Too bad the snow was too powdery and I couldn’t build a decent looking snowman. Welp.

Behold my dark magic ritual site.

Behold, this post is even longer than the Lagoon post.

First time seeing snow and there’s so much of it.

We had a Thanksgiving dinner in Shoshone but I didn’t get pictures because my dog hair allergy was acting up. After the dinner I know the fact that I love dinner rolls and hate pumpkin pie. Problemo? Nein.

So we had another dinner the day after Thanksgiving at our own home.

Some chip salsa cream cheese thing that taste amazing. I love it and can’t stop eating it, but this had competition…

…with the eggs.

So much snow everywhere~~~~~~~~

Me going outside on the first day where it snowed a little.

After Thanksgiving we had leftovers for 3 consecutive days. Here’s what one of the meals looked like:

Still good, huh?

SO another thing I’m not supposed to forget to mention is the Loy Kratong day, which is a Thai celebration where we give thanks to the river goddess for being such a nice goddess to us and giving us water. Ironic thing about it is that it just pollutes the water further. What we do is make a fancy “Kratong” (กระทง) out of either banana trunks and leaves, bread, lotus flower or paper. Then, we light the incense sticks and the candles, then float them in the water. You could look up the history of this celebration on Google because if I explain the whole thing it’s going to take up all the space.

A classic Kratong looks like this:

ฺBut, as you know this is Idaho and no such thing as a banana tree exists. So I had to make do with whatever we had available, which is paper. And we thought about floating mine in the Snake River, but it’s probably frozen so I just took the easy way out.

Which is to float it in the snow. Snow is just frozen water, isn’t it? See those paper incense sticks? Brilliant, eh? Well, it’s no match for what they’re doing in the motherland though.

The principal of my school, the geography teacher, my English teacher, the principal of  the elementary, and the head of leadership class dressing up as warriors from the Ayutthaya period. The video of their performance is hidden somewhere in my school’s Facebook page.

On this day we’re supposed to sing a song that goes something like “November full moon shine, Loy Kratong, Loy Kratong,” but I don’t feel like singing at the top of my lungs when it’s freezing outside.

When the hectic Black Friday (which is like a weekend in Bangkok) is over, we have the decoration of the Christmas tree while listening to random songs on Pandora. I got my own fluffy stockings too.

While we were decorating the tree my host mom boiled me some turkey liver and heart. I ate them and all of a sudden I’m back in my grandma’s house on Chinese New Year where I would eat all the chicken liver I could find. It tastes the same as turkey liver. The turkey heart was very chewy. I’m glad there was no gut because the only type of gut I eat is pork gut and that is if it’s in rice congee.

On the third of December we went to the Nutcracker Ballet by The Eugene Ballet Company, which is held in the CSI (College of Southern Idaho, yo, not Crime Scene Investigations) Fine Arts Auditorium. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing. I loved how they told the story with body language, not words. I also didn’t expect there to be so many Japanese people on the show. One of them has six-packs.

One of the pictures I managed to get because my phone camera doesn’t fare well with that kind of lighting.

A slightly better one.

Which kinda reminds me of Mikasa Ackerman’s abs.

Finally I realize that “Waltz of the Flowers” that I’ve been attempting to learn on the piano since 7th grade is from Nutcracker, and the Sugar Plum Fairy solo song is a soundtrack from Barbie and the Nutcracker which I last saw a decade ago, but the tune was so catchy I still remember it.

I bought a teal peacock which matched with the color of my room. I love how pretty and glittery it is.

I also finished a book called “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy for my Honors English class. It has such a lovely ending.

Oh, and I drew this for my art class. It’s supposed to say Davinci but the spacing doesn’t work out so I put “Dave Leo” instead.

The next day there was a Light Parade downtown in front of where my sister goes to Taekwondo. (Whenever they bring up a Korean word, I kept thinking, well I know Kamsahamnida (thank you), joesonghabnida (sorry) and Anyeonghaseyo (hello). Okay, I have concluded that my Korean is useless.)

…With that comes political advertisements.

Very lit up cars, people who throws candy on the ground…

…And two obese cows. It was good that the weather wasn’t too cold to handle. I forgot to wear socks. So it really wasn’t bad.

After that at 7pm I went to the Synergy! show. (yes, that exclamation is necessary.) It was held at my school auditorium. I’ve seen my choir teacher, Mr. Hale, went out of the class twice to get the Synergy! ready to perform. Synergy! is a group of 24 very talented boys and girls who could dance and sing like a pro. They could get a movie made for themselves if they tried hard enough. As one of the members, Austin, said: “Synergy! The Movie.”

There were 22 people performing because 2 boys belong to what they called the “Cripple Club”, a group of injured people. The two of them work as MC for the show. Nevertheless the show was nothing short of amazing. Too bad we had to turn off our phones, but I broke the rules for a moment to take these photos for your sake:

I know, and the pictures aren’t too good.

There were the pop Christmas songs like Mistletoe, Little Saint Nick and Pot-a-Pan Salsa. Then, there was a song called Mary Did you Know….


Know what?

No, that’s the song’s name. The two girls in Synergy! performed a Mary Did You Know? duet which is just so beautiful and perfect and eargasmic that I almost broke into tears even though the song wasn’t very sad. I wish I could do that too without getting lost. Other than that, there were several acapella, like Homeless. It was just so good to the ears.

After the show is over, the hallway is packed with people who waited for their ride or came to congratulate the performers. Even though I’m exhausted from going out two nights in a row, I’m glad and went and saw them.

Then, poof! It’s Father’s Day! Thailand’s Father’s Day is on the same day as His Majesty the King’s birthday. I got the chance to share this fact with several people including my host dad, Monte Williams the County Magician.


With this ‘commercial.’ (Don’t worry, it has subs) Everyone who watched this commercial cried at some point. If you want more sobs, look up more Thai commercials like ‘sisters’ which is about cancer.

For the King’s birthday, Thailand has a lot of activities despite any political turmoil. One of them is the famous gathering of ten thousand or more people in yellow shirts to listen to the King speak once a year.

They also light up the streets in yellow lights, which made Christmas lights in Twin Falls Idaho seem bland in comparison (personal opinion.)

Me, Svenja, my host sister, and Angela’s family went to Roel’s home for the Christmas Party hosted by his dads, the McManus family. Funny thing is that the moment I told my dad Roel got a permanent family the first thing he said was “they surely have a big house.” And it’s true. Sometime  I wonder if my dad is psychic.

Even though the house is big, the atmosphere at their basement is relaxed and warm. Perhaps a little bit too warm. Upstairs in the living room they also had really cute family photos on the lamp table and on the wall.

We did a gift exchange game where we could steal other people’s gifts. I stole a tin of hot coco powder but my host mom thought I stole a selfie stick. She immediately turned to Skylar (Roel’s host dad) ‘did she just steal the selfie stick!?’, but it was just chocolate. And the girl I stole it from didn’t even want it anyway. The gift I brought to the exchange was a penguin stocking with a reindeer mouth lollipop, two chocolate bars, a bag of chocolate coals, and a pine candle. I hope they liked it.

The blanket was a nice new addition to my teal colored room. I also took one Santa napkin that I like a lot. By the way, the white body pillow is Mr. Fluffy, or Fluffy the Second, whom I’m going to have a hard time saying goodbye to at the end of the year.

The blankets has a really nice detergent smell and I love sleeping when the room smells good. The snowflake blanket that I got almost got thrown into the washing machine when I noticed that it has a soothing pine scent on it, so I decided to just use it because I don’t want to lose that smell.

Ahhhh it was a very hectic month but it was full of activities and fun stuff that made me so lazy to go back to school and do anything. So…that’s…it, I guess. See you next time when I have enough motivation to post~

Loki the Lap Dog


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