Youjo Senki Ep. 12 – What it takes to survive…

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It is the intense finale of Youjo Senki. Ok, I wrote the review for all the episodes. Where’s my season 2?

In the previous episode, Tanya was not allowed to uproot the enemies. She then went to talk to Erich (the glasses guy who does not like her very much) and their chat was aesthetically pleasing. The little girl talked about why they should not celebrate just yet. But she did not look angry, she looked bored, like someone who had given up.

In the previous post, I wrote “She’d come to understand that the world does not work solely on logic. Sometimes, human emotions predominates.” Now she’s explaining to Erich who is also a pragmatist about why they should not neglect variables like emotions. Actions resulting from emotions was why she got into this state and will continue to affect her throughout the war.

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Those who hate will struggle for revenge.

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This episode we were introduced to Anson’s daughter, Mary Sue…ahem, Mary Sioux. She might be a prominent figure in the next story arc, but I don’t like her already. (Although she’s so passionate and her oath was very moving.) If this was a regular anime, she would be the main character whose father was killed by an evil soldier and everyone would root for her, but we’re seeing this from Tanya’s point of view so I could not help but feel a slight distaste. Anyway, the reason her dad was killed was all because Being X decided to throw Tanya into this world and she had to fight for her own survival! Ahem, excuse me, sorry for lashing out.

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Other than that, Tanya seems to believe in Friedrich Nietzsche’s “God is Dead” quote. The speech trashing Being X to her unit was quite powerful, especially when we saw all the emotional turmoil she and all the characters had to go through in these 12 episodes.

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Even after seeing Being X’s powers countless times, she still believed in the power of human beings. And that would be the force that drives her in this world burnt by the flames of war.

Youjo Senki ended right here, but they’re practically making us ask for a season two. I’m glad this series did not get into the OMG we have no funds and need to end the story so let’s shove a whole arc into a single episode!!! trap. It was very well paced, the action sequences were spectacular, Tanya’s voice was lovely, and the message behind the story became quite clear on the final episode. Can’t believe this is NUT’s first anime.

So, that was Youjo Senki. I liked it more than I thought I would. I hope your Blu-Ray sells well so you’ll give me another ass-kicking season.

Have you finished Youjo Senki? What did you think about the series? Leave a comment below!

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