Zombie Kiss Vol. 4 [Intro]

Zombie Kiss Volume 4: Friendship, Hope, Betrayal


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Our entire world is woven from thin threads called “bonds”

Bonds between human and nature

Bonds between human and each other

They say a strong bond makes a stronger man

But on the other hand, such bonds are easily broken

That is why I have never believed in something so transient

Only “death” is eternal

Until one day, a thin thread lowered itself into a deep, dark pit

The one, single bond I will never let go of

Absolutely…no matter what happens…

Intro: Human = Countdown

Line Illustration: Blue Cat

Graphic: Tanit Palawat

Storyboard: Brownie

If there are only two humans left on earth,

They’d probably kill each other.

Well, it’s normal for people to hurt one another, right?

So, who will be the last human on earth?

Let’s start the countdown.

“Human = Countdown”


In a broken world, there were two men left on earth. In that case, those two should help each other survive, huh?

“Not a chance…” The two turned their muzzles toward each other. “…When there are only two left, nobody can be the judge.”

“We will die anyway. Do not struggle anymore.”

Ariya, a survivor, said.

“Humans that don’t struggle are useless.”

Vakin, the other man, said.

Even if there are no religions, wars, money, and nothing to take from each other, mankind will slaughter just because their thoughts are not the same.

“Well, it’s normal…”

As their fingers were about to pull the trigger…

“Then, shall I be the judge?”

A woman walked in…

Lilith, the last ray of light on earth.

“Human = 3”

“Nobody deserves to die…”

Because of Lilith’s judgement, the two men promised not to kill each other. They promised to be together forever, the three of them.

“Not a chance…”

The two men said.

“Humans are always breaking promises.”

Behind the woman’s back, the two men were always plotting to kill one another. Setting traps, pushing those they hate out of the group, those ordinary things…

And one day, one man successfully pushed another to death.

Human = who?


But the one who died was…Lilith.

Because of the two’s traps against one another, Lilith became the victim.

Well, it’s normal. Waging war and killing innocents.

The two men realized they made a mistake.

—Lies, lies, lies—

—You said we’d be together forever—

No matter how much they wept or call, Lilith did not wake up.

It is now time to repent.

“Not a chance.”

The two pointed their guns at each other.

Human = 2-1

“You’re the reason why things turned out like this.”

Blaming each other…

Is the nature of people. The two glared each other down.


“Let us stop here…no matter who lives, this is not what Lilith would have wanted.”

One person repented…

One person lowered his gun…


But the other pulled the trigger, and the man fell.

“But that’s not what I want.”

If there are only two humans left on earth, they’d probably kill each other.

If there is only one human left on earth, that guy would’ve killed himself…

Because nobody can be alone in the world.

“Not a chance.” Vakin said.

“If there is only one man left, just make some more.”

The man made a revival potion and brought Lilith back to life.

But the revived dead was not human…

And Zombie Lilith…ate the last human on earth.

Human = 0


If there is only one zombie left on earth, what would happen to it?

But it would probably survive.

Since zombies don’t kill each other like people do.

Well, it’s normal…

Human = None


[So here we are at the latest volume. Zombie Kiss has no further releases since 2014 and I’m not sure what the fate of this series is. There has been no further releases beyond this volume, aside from a comic book that adapts the chapters you guys have already read. Let’s hope the publisher decides to compile the magazine chapters into volume 5.]



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