Mijika de Okita Kowai Hanashi – bonutzuu’s manga archive

It feels like another volume of Screaming Lessons. That’s my overall opinion of this manga.

Mijika de Okita Kowai Hanashi is a short story collection of horror tales geared towards young girls. Many stories have almost the same plot as some of the stories from Screaming Lessons, but there are some other goods ones.

Hanbei-san is probably the scariest out of the volume, I don’t like intelligent ghosts like that. There’s also a wholesome time travel story that I’ve seen in Screaming Lessons before… Oh, and there’s also this story about genetic sexual attraction gone wrong. It’s not incest or anything, it just a really unexpected twist.

My fav has got to be this story that started off like a classic fantasy shoujo manga where the main guy is a bit of a recluse with supernatural powers, and the heroine is a genki girl that’s approaching him. However… well, it’s an early lesson of what a toxic relationship looks like.

This manga is good for killing time. I think it’s so-so, not particularly memorable. Considering I bought this for 7 baht (0.21 USD), it’s a good deal.

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