Sword of the Stranger (Stranger: Mukou Hadan) Review

Stranger: Mukou Hadan is a piece of art.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ stranger mukou hadan

The movie follows a displaced boy and his poisoned dog who hired a nameless ronin to protect them from the Chinese.

Stranger’s strongest point lies in its extremely well-choreographed sword fights and fluid animation. It’s the only anime that I’ve ever rewatched just for the fight scenes. Just for the animation alone, this could probably make itself to be a classic samurai anime.

Music also makes up a huge portion of why this movie is good. The drums during the fights and the flute (I think it was a flute) during the emotional scenes are absolutely amazing and fits so well with the scene.

The story has some pretty cool aspects, which I shouldn’t spoil. Just gonna say, Nanashi is an awesome dude. However, overall the story is quite forgettable once you leave it for a while. I feel that the story was made to serve the cool fights and awesome music rather than the other way around.

Overall, good movie. Piece of art. Samurai fans should definitely give it a try.

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