Taisho Otome Otogibanashi Ep. 1 Review – this. this is just so wholesome.

After we had takt Op. Destiny, we have another anime about a guy with a disabled right arm who’s sort of a pessimist shut-in, who comes to view the world better because of a girl. That’s pretty much the premise of Taisho Maiden Fairy Tale, a story about a girl sent to marry the unwanted bocchan of the Shima family, Tamahiko.

A self-dubbed pessimist hikkikomori, after a car accident that robbed him of both his mother and his right hand, Tamahiko was exiled to a mountain mansion in Chiba to rot away into obscurity. He spends his days imagining and replaying horrible remarks from his family and his nights tossing with insomnia. Until one day, Yuzuki showed up. Yuzuki was bought from her debt-ridden family and sent to become Tamahiko’s bride/caretaker. Her optimism and determination will slowly cause Tamahiko’s life to change.

I started the manga version on December 2019, and honestly was really surprised this got an anime adaptation since I’m under the impression that it’s not a well-known manga.

Despite the premise being quite dark (and might be controversial for 2021) but this anime is just wholesomeness that made me grin like an idiot for 10 minutes on end. Tamahiko is afraid of but also touched by Yuzu’s kindness, while Yuzu sees the kindness in him and wants to know about him more.

The anime version showed Yuzuki’s school early on, while it wasn’t mentioned until later in the manga. I think that helps set up Yuzuki’s reason for being so optimistic about the whole situation.

When the anime was announced, I was expecting a style/color palette like Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. I like the manga’s art style more, but it’s difficult to make it look good as an animation, so I guess it’s alright. It’s still cute wholesomeness. I like how the animation transitioned from a dark retro thingy into fullscreen color burst the moment Yuzu introduces herself. That’s episode 1 in a nutshell.

I like the music that played during the episode preview. Nothing else stands out in particular. Would be nice if there are some retro Japanese sounding songs in the later episodes.

Overall, I’m liking what I see here. Looking forward to future episodes.


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