takt Op. Destiny Ep. 1-2 review – Pathetique is not pathetic, mind you

Once upon a time, a weird black meteorite fell and along with it came D2, alien thingies that attack whatever that makes beautiful noises, be it a huge symphony or a simple piano.

Takt’s father died during the Boston Tragedy, where the D2s attacked during a concert. Since then, he’s been a shut-in, only playing the piano for himself. However, due to a turn of fate, he is now traveling to New York with his friend Anna and ‘Destiny’, a Musicart that’s able to fight the D2s.

We have another anime with the main guy being a shut-in missing his right arm, with the other one being Taisho Otome Otogibanashi. Also, Takt’s seiyuu voices 2 other animes this season. Wowwwww.

Anyway, I was so hyped for this anime because the art style looked amazing, and I love the blue glowing eyes that reminds me a bit of Noragami. Also, I’ve been playing the piano as a hobby so I’m looking forward to a music + action anime. (I will brag, I got an 89 on my Trinity College grade 8 piano exam two years ago. Not as good as other Asians, but hey.) I thought it was gonna be a musical Guilty Crown, but now we have aliens!

I like the concept of music poisoning the world by attracting the monsters. Makes me think that the symphonic festival is one huge setup to destroy musicians. Also, although I’m nowhere as good as Takt, I can kinda connect to him as someone who also plays the piano. Playing by yourself for hours on end is no fun, I can tell you that. The scene that really hit was not the dramatic scenes, but that small part where Takt tapped on the car window. I’ve stopped playing piano seriously for almost two years now and that really reminded me of myself when I really wanted to play but can’t because of college and internship and other whatnot.

Okay, back to the anime itself. I’m not going to comment much on story because I just studied for my exams for hours before that and I was half asleep. What I want to say, though, is that the music and animation is superb. The piano is so realistic that I could almost mimic some parts of the song they were playing just by looking at the animation alone. The featured music are well-known classical pieces that even non-classical fans will recognize. Whoever played the song as Takt was really good. Like, I haven’t played the particular pieces myself but the technique was pretty on point, I think. I also really like that ding sound when Destiny activates her weapon.

As for the characters, the anime have just set up the dynamics between the trio. Their interaction was pretty funny, but I feel that we still barely know about them. What do they feel about this whole situation? What do they feel about this person that used to be Cosette? That would be good for future episodes.

Musicians gotta remind each other sometimes to just appreciate good music, not nitpick at the technique and style. That’s what I’m gonna do here. Just appreciate this good anime and hope that it keeps up for the rest of its duration. Because this anime is already set to be awesome.


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