Ludwig Kakumei – bonutzuu’s manga archive

Welcome to another entry to the manga archive where I write about manga I’ve read.

TBH if I hadn’t already bought the entire series, I would drop this manga after chapter 1. However, I’m glad I didn’t.

Ludwig Kakumei or Ludwig Revolution follows Crown Prince Ludwig as he journeys the land in search of a suitable bride. However, back at home, the king’s new wife plots to assassinate him and make her son the heir instead.

This manga is one of those ‘fairytales reimagined’ stories. We have the Princess and the Frog, Snow White, Bluebeard, Sleeping Beauty, and many others. What I have to say about Ludwig Kakumei is that the first chapter (the Snow White one) felt so disconnected from the rest of the story. Ludwig feels like a completely different character, and despite how grim the first chapter was, the following chapters jumped into dark comedy territory. I wasn’t prepared to come in here to laugh, you know. But I did anyway. The twists in some of these stories are just amazing lol.

The best chapter for me was the Sleeping Beauty. The princess herself had so much personality and she’s such a badass. She was pretty much the only memorable character (IMO) from this manga.

Oh right, trigger warnings for this manga: contains content about necrophilia. Contains off-screen incest sex. Contains plot about murder. A bunch of people died.

I’m surprised to learn that Ludwig Kakumei is written by the same author as Tenshi Kinryoku, but then once I think about it, I’m not that surprised. (inceeeeeeeeeessssst) It’s funny how Tenshi Kinryoku is so friggin rare in Thailand, second hand copies sell for insane prices, while bookstores are practically begging people to buy her other works lol. Miss or hit, huh.

Overall, I didn’t like this one too much despite how interesting it was. It had its moments, but maybe it’s just not my kind of stuff. However, the Sleeping Beauty chapter made it worth reading.

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