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So a long while ago I wrote about volume 4. Now, I am able to get myself a copy of volume 3 and I’m very excited to fill in the gaps between chapter 10 and 14.

Just to recap what happened, Akira came to live at the Crimson headquarters and rumors were flying around that Chrome is head over heels for her. Meanwhile, Seishiro recalled that as a young boy, he swore to protect Akira, but currently his role is being replaced by Chrome.

Later that night, Akira and a kid were chased around by a dead priest controlled by eyepatch girl. Akira was at the last stage of her awakening as Maria’s Daughter, and the trigger for her final awakening would be intense fear. But luckily, Chrome was on his way.

Seishiro got so overwhelmed by watching Chrome’s battle, realizing that there is a gap between him and Chrome that no talent or hard work could ever close. Meanwhile, Akira was held captive by eyepatch girl and a mysterious man. She dreamt of her first meeting with young Chrome, who had one black wing and had blood all over him. That recall of a memory from eight years ago made her awaken as Maria.

Chapter 11:

We got a flashback of the original Holy Maria’s Daughter. Two years after her ‘revelation’ marked the end of the Holy War. Despite her contributions, the church branded her as a witch and had her burn at the stake. The original Belzebul/Beelzebub tried to save her, but Maria stopped him and told him that this was proof of her faith to God. However, her only regret was leaving ‘that man’ (Cyus) behind.

Flash forward to the present, Maria was in Akira’s body and greeted Chrome as Beelzebub’s reincarnation. However, Chrome was having none of it and was like ‘I am Takagi Chrome’. Maria revealed that the fire in Santa Maria Cathedral eight years prior caused Maria’s soul to be called from the afterlife and reside in Akira’s body. Specifically, Akira saw young Chrome getting crushed by rocks and called for help, and voila, Maria’s spirit came into her and supposedly granted her miraculous healing powers or something. Since that day, Chrome swore to protect Akira.

Despite Akira being the one calling Maria to earth, Maria refused to return Akira’s body, saying she had something to do, and left. Chrome wanted to follow but was attacked by the church’s military police under the Cardinal’s orders. Apparently, the only reason for his capture was that he’s actually a demon. (It’s also revealed that his official name at Crimson is ‘Testarossa’) Chrome was shot in the chest, but his pocket watch (which was a gift from young Akira) took the bullet and broke. Seeing that, Chrome lost his shit, unleashed his demonic form, and killed a bunch of people.

Chapter 12:

Seishiro took the wounded Chrome and escaped. They kind of came to an agreement to protect Akira together. Seishiro swore that one day he will catch up to Chrome. The two tried to escape on a train but was surrounded by the military police.

Chapter 13:

Harry came to their rescue and told them that Chrome was being used as a scapegoat for a terrorist group (which probably refers to those posing as the cardinal). Just then, Chrome’s seal broke and his demon form was unleashed, but before anything happened, the old professor came and sealed him back up.

Chrome’s seal was meant to protect him (who was half human) from the blood of the Beelzebul clan. Akira’s presence had been keeping it under control. The only way to seal his powers so that it didn’t kill him was… something that’ll be revealed in the next volume.

Harry got some intel that Akira was at some fancy party in London with a man called Sir Cyus, so him, Seishiro, and Chrome went there. Seishiro dressed up as a woman to avoid being noticed, while Chrome had his red cloak. When the found Akira, Chrome appeared and announced that he will ‘kill’ her.

Annnd then it’s to be continued.


Well, these chapters did clarify a few things I was confused about after reading the final volume, but it didn’t have that much information to add. It was worth the time, though, since I felt like I got to see a different side of the invincible Takagi Chrome, and it fleshed out the rivalry between Seishiro and Chrome pretty well.

As I said (think I) said somewhere in my review of the final volume, this is a pretty good manga but not a must-read masterpiece. I’m reading it more because of nostalgia and my childhood crush on Takagi Chrome. Despite being so-so, I like this manga a lot.

My review of the next volume can be found here.

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