Youjo Senki Ep 8-9 – Tanya the Evil, Tanya the Poor Baby Girl

In episode 9 I got a feel that *spoiler alert*

This whole world war thing is a plot to make Tanya succumb to G—Being X. *end spoiler*

Other than that I’ve been browsing youtube for Youjo Senki videos.

This finally solved my confusion about the anime’s theme. If Tanya is a representation of modern capitalism and Being X represents an opposing force to capitalism (whatever that may be) then Youjo Senki is actually not a Man vs. God story, but a capitalist vs. anti-capitalist story, or maybe it’s both.

Regarding my feelings about Tanya: at first I totally think she’s awesome, but at episode 9 I’m starting to get mixed feelings. On one hand she takes on the responsibilities of a leader very well; training her troops so they are prepared to survive in combat. She commands her troop sharply so that they do not have to feel the guilt in killing people, and instead say that they are ‘just following orders’. But on the other hand, she has no regards for human morals. It is clear in the battle at the fjord, where killing people is just a task to accomplish in a set amount of time. That disregard for sympathy is from her former salary man self, who views reaching target profit more important than the feelings of a mere employee.

Despite being the ultimate killing machine, Tanya is pitted up against Being X, who made her look like a powerless ‘youjo’. The contrast between ‘badass loli’ and ‘poor kid abused by G’ is very charming to the audience, and I along with other people root for her.

But when characters she killed and fought are given names and stories (say, the dad) her actions seem heartless. This can also be seen in the shelling city scene, where Tanya beats the crap out of her subordinate to follow orders and just kill everyone, or else those they spared would turn their blades to the Empire. Killing evacuating civilians is something too brutal by our world’s standards, and Tanya’s stirring a crying boy to start the blood bath. But then that ‘complex’ we have against Tanya was wiped in episode 9, where instead of being safe in the strategic office, she’s sent flying to the enemy headquarters by the evil influence of Being X. She also lost more than half her underlings. Tanya isn’t invincible anymore as the final episode of the anime draws near.

Will Tanya get a change of heart? Or will she again die a human being without apathy?

NUT are not nuts. The Japanese have a reputation for doing an incredible amount of background research, and Youjo Senki lives up to that notion.

Next week I’m going on a hunt for the first volume of the light novel, along with an A2 poster, so wish me luck… that I get it before the posters run out. I might do a review on the novel too.

Although YJSK finished airing yesterday, I was too busy this week to catch up with the episodes… If you have anything to discuss about episodes 1-9 feel free to comment! Enjoy your day.

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