Yume Oukoku to Nemureru Hyaku-nin no Ouji-sama (Yume100) Ep. 11 Review

Setiq should have strangled the butterfly guy dead just like that.

yume100 ep 11-3.png

Setiq in one sentence.

Woah, and that cliffhanger ending.

This episode got really complex, and we finally get something about what exactly happened to the world and why the dream eaters are on rampage. Apparently Troymare, the kingdom that supplies dreams to the world is destroyed. Atlas, its shadow, suffered because of the shortage of dreams and had to fend for themselves, to the point where its king fought and died. Then Setiq tries to revive said king, giving birth to Butterfly-Eyepatch out of his own despair. Now, the only thing stopping Yuan’s revival is Kiel.

The story got pretty cool. But Yume100 took 11 episodes to pull out its interesting parts. Sheesh.

I don’t get why they didn’t use the dream-stealing ring’s power to control dream eaters before Yuan died. Did I miss that part?

Setiq is a good dude. He’s got the clearest motivation out of anyone in this entire anime, and I sympathize with him. Hey, it could be fun to watch the villain win. Just saying.

Arvy got like, 1 sentence to talk about his own past. It’s kind of sad. He and Kiel both lost their parents, this could be the thing that bonds them, but the anime never made use of it. Also, where is Arvy’s fluffy white dog? He never mentions it. I was so looking forward to see his fluffy dog animated.

The art in this episode feels like the animators just want to finish the job already and go have coffee. I’m sort of glad it’s finally ending.

The biggest weakness of Yume100 is that the main story and the mini story arcs are not tied together properly. Nobody cares about the destruction of Troymare or what happens if the power of dreams went out of control until this point. The snippets we get of Setiq does not add anything to the story back then. Those are the reasons why the anime feels slow and scattered.


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