Made in Abyss Ep. 10-12 Review: Now this is how you handle gore

Actually finished watching Made in Abyss last year, but I’m just writing a review now so please don’t mind me.

made in abyss 12-2.png

After over half a series of adventures, we get to the extremely ugly side of the Abyss and how dangerous it can be to kids who venture into it.

Riko’s injury is one if not the most renowned scene in the entire series. Despite being half conscious, she orders Reg to amputate her own arm rather calmly, and Reg went along half way with it. If not for Nanachi, Riko would be dead.

Nanachi was sort of chill because they know how to save Riko and orders Reg to collect all sorts of things. What I really wanted to talk about was how Made in Abyss handles its horror elements by comparing it to a…more violent series, Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Umineko is known for its graphic violence and creatively disturbing deaths. Throughout the course of 26 episodes, the same people just die over and over in increasingly cruel deaths. And the results? When the shock factor is gone, it gets comical and the deaths sometimes turn into meme material.

Made in Abyss never steps into that territory, well, because Riko’s injury is plain horrifying. It plays with the viewer’s emotions, the torture of having to watch a 12-year-old order her own amputation and the pain of seeing her friend having to choose between going along or losing his companion. You’d expect oversized limbs to be funny, but no, it’s just all the more horrifying when she starts bleeding all over and screamed when Reg tugged on her gloves. It’s how this scene is handled so well that Made in Abyss brings out the best of its horror elements.

made in abyss 10-2.png

Not to mention we’re introduced to what would become the next emotional torture: Mitty. But let’s save that for later. Made in Abyss got more relaxed as Reg interacts with Nanachi, who explained things about the Abyss. And not to mention that Nanachi is adorable. Made in Abyss brought back its former tone, where Reg deals with the more private parts of Riko. Y’know, what I like most is that the anime went into what numerous other adventures don’t delve into: how the adventurers handle their personal hygiene. I’ve always thought about how those people go about the toilet or soiled underwear. Okay, moving on.

made in abyss 11-1.png

While many people have said that Made in Abyss is sexual and inappropriate, be reminded that one, Made in Abyss is not for kids, and two, kids think about these things more than many adults do. Young people, as I’ve observed from listening to elementary school kids conversation in the cafeteria, tend to joke about pooping and peeing and being naked a lot more than adults do. It’s just the nature of kids, and Riko and Reg are kids, plus Reg is going into his preteens (if he grows at all, really) and that means he’s clearly gaining more interests in the opposite sex. Also, Riko’s nakedness and talks about her peeing is in no way fanservice or sexual. It’s just the way it is, and I don’t think Made in Abyss should be criticized for bringing these elements into the story.

Have I said that Nanachi is adorable? I have? Okay, that’s it for my review today. Stay tuned for episode 13.

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