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In a nutshell: Mama Mora saves the day.



Adlet and co plus Rolonia proceeds deeper into the Wailing Demon Territory. The seven are suspicious of each other, and moreover, were ambushed by one of the Kyoma leader that destroyed Adlet’s village, Tgurneu. After a fierce battle, with neither managing to get the better of the other, the braves retreated. Mora started acting strange. It turns out that Mora made a deal with Tgurneu. Previously, Tgurneu implanted some parasites in Mora’s daughter’s (Shenira) heart, and if she does not kill a brave within (I think it was) twenty two days, her daughter will die. To make sure that Tgurneu keeps his promise, using the Saint of Word’s powers, Mora made Tgurneu swear to remove the parasites after she had killed a brave, and that he would never lie to her. Tgurneu did, and Mora went back to her family trying to find a way to kill Tgurneu…or come up with a plan to kill a brave.

At first, she staked her hopes on Adlet, but Adlet’s ultimate weapon (which was a nail imbued with poison from a saint’s blood, capable of killing all Kyoma) failed to kill Tgurneu. Adlet, Goldof, Rolonia, and Hans went to the place they got ambushed to find out why.

In the Wailing Demon Territory, Tgurneu later tells Mora that he sent a letter to Viron, the Saint of Salt (who knows of this deal) that she wanted Shenira killed within two days if the parasite did not disappear. Mora knew she had no time and drafted a hasty plan to kill one of the braves. She knocked Chamo and Fremy out and called the four others back, telling Adlet and Rolonia to come to her and for the others to go after escaped Fremy. Things did not go her way when Hans and Rolonia showed up instead. Hans realized within a flash that Mora fooled them and fought her. After almost losing her legs and one kidney, Mora managed to kill Hans, just as Adlet and Goldof came back. Mora instructed Rolonia to revive Hans, and he came back to life. Chamo and Fremy woke up, and after some first aid, Mora tells the whole crew the whole story.

Meanwhile, Shenira survived and Tgurneu complimented Mora for her cunning. It is revealed that Tgurneu’s true form is that of a fig.

During the epilogue, exhausted Nashetania is greeted by Dozzu, the exiled Kyoma ex-leader. They talked of their plan to change the world.


With Adlet’s and Fremy’s great performance in volume 1, now it’s the other’s turn to shine. The ones who absolutely aced it (at least for me) this volume were Hans and Rolonia. Okay people, forget everything I said about Rolonia in my review of the anime. Rolonia is actually very interesting, with her amazing talents and strong determination contrasting her complete lack of self-confidence and uh…rather strange way to motivate herself. Hans, despite not having any major role for most of the book aside from running around, really shines during his battle with Mora. Despite being a normal person, he managed to almost kill one of the most respected Saint. I also really like his dialogue in that scene.

Chamo had some good character development. She’s much less of a child now. The one who’s still in the shadow is Goldof. He had next to no role in the previous book, and is like a background prop in this one too. (But the thing is… he’s on the cover for the next volume. And he looks really good. Is that why Rokka volume 3 is sold out in every single bookstore I went to for the past three months?!?!)

Rokka retains is mystery vibe, but this one is less of a detective story than the first. Most of the mystery revolves around Tgurneu. Most of it is just Mora’s family drama. I’m not saying that it’s bad. Her family situation is quite relateable, and I feel that the book managed to make me care, but it’s just that the stakes are too high and I feel that the author cannot kill Shenira. I mean, it’s volume two. If Mora has a mental breakdown now because of her daughter’s death, what happens to the rest of Rokka no Yuusha? Mora turns into another Goldof and all the braves are screwed.

This volume makes it impossible to hate Mora for what she did in volume one, and now there’s so much more to her character than being the cool and strong leader type.

This volume doesn’t really say who the seventh one is, but we can eliminate Hans since the flower crest lost a petal when he died. Another point is that the author repeated how Adlet can’t be the seventh since he cleared his name during the Nashetania arc, but the thing is that Mora came to a realization that the seventh might not know they are the seventh and thus is also running around trying to figure out who the seventh is. So, at this point I don’t think anyone but Hans is safe from suspicion.

And as I’ve said above, still can’t get my hands on volume 3. Restock, please! My money is ready!

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