Tears to Tiara – bonutzuu’s manga archive

I like the tag line ‘War of the Path of Kings’ in the Thai version. I think it sums the theme up quite well.

Adapted from the (console version of the) game of the same name. Priestess Riannon was forced to become a sacrifice by some evil people in order to revive the demon King Arawn. However, Arawn saved her and through some turn of events, joined her and her brother Arthur in a battle against the Divine Empire.

This version is adapted from the 12+ PS3 version, not the 18+ PC version. The manga itself does not adapt the entire game’s story, but it did a solid job on its own.

The story is focused heavily on Arawn’s past, his battles, and his bromance with Arthur. The girls aside from Riannon (and maybe Octavia) had very little of their own scenes.

I thought Riannon was going to be annoying (y’know, the clingy girl + cool guy trope?), but that wasn’t the case most of the time. Her interactions with Arawn were funny as hell and I grew to like them. Sure, Tears to Tiara is a harem, but the harem element is super subdued and the main girls got their turn to shine independent of Arawn. Despite not liking harem in general, I’m okay with this one.

Tears to Tiara is focused, and the artwork and pacing are well done. The story has many interesting elements which I might be interested in pursuing further in the anime adaptation. All in all, pretty good manga adaptation.

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