Amnesia Memories: Toma Day 6-10

After MC collapsed, Toma watched over her all night. Orion had his doubts about Toma and MC being a couple, since many things point otherwise. However, it was clear that Toma really did care about MC.

my heart hnnnnn

Toma napped for 10 minutes while MC held his hand. Meanwhile, Shin messaged MC, asking why she’s been around Toma a lot despite having said that she didn’t want to see him. Toma woke up before she could reply, and left to get lunch from a convenience store. Orion and MC resumed their apartment search. They found a computer but with no battery or charger, for some reason.

Toma came back and talked about how cute yet weird it was that MC liked pickled plum onigiri and black tea together (I hate pickled plum tho…). He also talked about their childhood memories.

The next day, Toma came to pick her up and go to work together. MC told him that she tried to look for her computer’s batteries yesterday, but couldn’t find it, and Toma assumed that she can’t use it without the battery without mentioning that charger cable. Orion thought it was weird.

They arrived at Meido no Hitsuji and met the manager. (“Mei” in her diary just refers to days she has a shift at the café.) Apparently, Toma used to work here as well and did some pretty outstanding work. However, they’re not here about rehiring Toma but about having MC take an extended leave. The manager understood that Toma was worried about her, but the whole time, it’s only Toma doing the talking, so he wanted to hear MC’s input as well.

Since I’m a lazy ass, I just wanna take some time off as well, so that’s what I made MC say lol. The manager agreed. Toma went in and chatted with Mine and Sawa a bit while MC waited outside, and Ukyo came along, asking if she was with Toma just now. MC said yes, and they’re dating. Ukyo flipped and warned her that she’d be killed or die one way or the other, then left.

Just as MC was about to tell Toma about the encounter, a flower pot jump came dropping down on MC out of nowhere. Luckily, Toma was able to get her out of the way on time.

Toma went to investigate the flower pot incident after seeing that she’s safely in her room. Orion thought about how there was a back alley behind Meido no Hitsuji as well, and Ikki may have been a coworker that met up with her there often. Toma confirmed that there was an Ikki-senpai at work. He didn’t find out who dropped the flower pot, so Orion thought it was just an accident.

The next day, MC went to check the mail, but found a bunch of rotten eggs and bugs inside the mailbox, which spooked the daylights out of her and Orion. Sawa messaged her, saying that she and Ikki are worried. MC and Orion took some time to calm down from the mailbox incident, and as they were about to leave, Toma came over. MC did not tell him about the mailbox, but when they walked past, it was already cleaned up. Orion thought it was the janitor, and Toma didn’t have any particular reaction.

As they waited for a train to pass at a train crossing, somebody tried to shove MC in front of the train. Toma pulled her back on time, and they went straight home. MC told Toma about Ukyo’s warning, and so he had her pack her stuff and stay over at his place.

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ll be dealing with Ikki’s crazy fans again in this route. Ugh, seriously? I got Ikki’s route out of the way first just so that I don’t have to deal with crazy fans for the rest of my playthroughs, but why did it have to come back to me when I’m playing the route of my favorite dude?

Still, I can’t imagine something else that would drive Toma into insanity land if MC’s life is not in danger. Gosh, why does everyone wanna kill MC? I can’t feel safe in any route except for Kent’s, that big awkward teddy bear. Even Ukyo feels that MC is safe in his hands. If you just wanna relax, play Kent’s route. If you like to take risks, well, there’s Toma and Ikki. Anyway, back to the story.

MC arrived at Toma’s house and entertained herself with a photo album while he did something on the computer.

A picture of herself crying cued her to a memory of when she broke her toy. She didn’t feel sad about it for long, but because she wanted Toma to keep stroking her head, she kept crying.

MC fell asleep and woke up 13 hours later (said Toma). Orion reported that he was stroking her head while she slept and he looked very affectionate doing so. After breakfast, Toma went out shopping and told her to do anything she pleases, so she and Orion started searching the house for another photo album. There weren’t any, so they played a video game until evening.

Toma returned later and tried to make up for coming home late with her favorite dinner and dessert. MC asked to have a spare key, but Toma didn’t have any, so he’ll make one for her later.

Toma intended to sleep on the floor again, but MC wanted to share the bed because he already slept on the floor yesterday. Toma disagreed because, well, for obvious reasons, but he also said that he couldn’t do things of that nature to her.

Orion talked about how Toma did not see her as a normal girl, even though they were dating. That explained the conversation at the back alley, and also why Shin said she was upset with Toma’s attitude.

The next day, Toma left her alone again. Orion prompted MC to sneak out and have a look at the street from her first memory, so they did that. And what happens every time MC is alone? Ukyo shows up!

Ukyo gave another warning: Toma is a liar (yeah, mister, I knew that from Shin’s route). He’s not her boyfriend, and ‘they’ will kill her.

She ran back to Toma’s room. Toma returned after checking out her place, and handed her a spare key to his place. Orion asked what she thought of the weird joker guy, and (*Ukyo killing MC flashbacks*) she said she still trusted Toma more than that random stranger on the street saying cryptic stuff. (I have nothing against Ukyo, but he makes me jump every time he flips lol)

Anyway, that was day 6-10. MC almost died a couple of times within 10 days, so let’s see how many more close calls she’ll have.

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