Amnesia Memories: Toma Day 16-20

Ayeeee time to get drugged, people!

MC fell asleep right after her morning coffee. Toma teased her about sleeping so much.

Sir, I am terrified. Of you.

The next day, Orion figured out that Toma’s been drugging her. Before they could do anything, Shin came in and demanded an explanation on why MC was at Toma’s house for the past few days.

Shin made some accusations, and Toma was like ‘well, am I? Am I not?’ which really pissed Shin off. Toma did admit that he wanted to keep MC in his possession, and that’s why he didn’t put her in a motel or ask her to stay at a friend’s place. However, Toma had another reason, similar to Shin in his own route: he trusted no one in this situation, but himself.

Shin and Toma took the rest outside, and Shin agreed to go home for the day. Not before dropping this mighty bomb on Toma:

At this point, Toma is almost at full-blown yan mode. He’s like ‘I dunno, what do you think he meant, I’m not your boyfriend?’ Toma said half-jokingly that he could be the one behind the harassment, so that he would have an excuse to keep her at his house.

I knew he wasn’t behind the harassment, so there’s no reason for MC to be afraid by that (but by Toma’s drugging? That’s another story.) Toma said that his biggest enemy was the side of himself that didn’t want to be hated by her. He knew that sneaking the sleeping pill into her food wouldn’t work anymore, so he force-fed her.

MC recalled a conversation she had with Shin about joining a fanclub for fun just because Mine asked her to. And then she fucking woke up to this shit:

Toma’s legendary line. It’s here. “It was tough getting it in the room.”

Orion felt bad about not being able to do anything. MC still believed in Toma, that although his methods may be wrong, there may be some good intention in his heart. Orion thought it may have something to do with Ukyo saying that MC will be killed by “him”. Wonder who he was referring to? I thought Ukyo was talking about Ikki’s fans when I read it in passing, but I think he actually meant his other persona. Maybe. I don’t think Toma had it in him to kill MC.

Toma was so cunning it was terrifying. Seriously, if that were me in the cage, I’d be terrified out of my wits. I’m glad Orion was there. Although Orion could not touch physical objects, he could check where things are and search the room for MC, though it’s not much use now.

Toma went out at 11 pm and came back at 2, then stayed on his laptop the entire time. The next day, he allowed MC to take a bath with one hand cuffed. Orion got so pissed that he couldn’t beat the crap out of Toma then and there. Even I’m starting to think that it’s really too much. Orion promised to stay by MC’s side and watch over her, even after she forgot about him.

Toma compared himself to the demon king that kept a princess captive, and Shin is the hero that will save the princess. Toma only realized just now how MC wasn’t that same little girl anymore. This scene would be romantic… if it wasn’t done through the bars.

MC recalled herself going to Ikki for relationship advice. She wanted her special someone to look at her and love her properly.

The next morning, Toma gave her a 1000-piece puzzle to relieve her of boredom, which made Orion even more irritated.

Turns out, Toma already knew that she went home and checked the mail. He’s just hiding the fact that he knew from her. Toma went to clean her place again, and talked about how the landlord might have her leave.

I was just thinking about why the landlord didn’t bother calling the police when they knew someone was being harassed. Like, that’s ultimately reflecting badly on the place, and there’s plenty of evidence of who’s coming and going. I don’t know if that’s just for plot reasons or landlords in that area of Japan are like that. I stayed at a dormitory in Japan for one month and the manager was like a dad. Maybe it’s different for different places and types of rent.

Anyway, Ikki’s fans deserve to go to jail. I don’t know why they think MC is dating Ikki, but I guess it’s because she seems pretty close to him? Guess we’ll find out later.

Okay, so that was another five days of Toma’s route.

At this point, I’m so conflicted, man. I know the choices I’m making in the game is just me ignoring all his red flags and believing that there’s some sense left in him despite how he treated MC for the past few days. I still like him, yet I know that this man is far from being a healthy and stable individual, and the seemingly healthy relationship he had with MC earlier was built upon lies. I don’t know how to feel. Is this what Stockholm syndrome feels like? It’s like you know you shouldn’t like this person that’s keeping you captive because they’re not respecting your rights, yet the person treats you so well and shields you from everything scary (despite them being the scary one), and you know there’s good in them, and you can’t help but sympathize and believe in them.

I think those who play Amnesia already knows that Toma’s route is not for everyone, but man, this has been an emotional rollercoaster.

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