Amnesia Memories: Toma Good Ending (Day 21-24)

More of Toma’s cage.

MC recalled how Toma was happy when she told him she has a guy she likes. I guess she was disappointed that he’s so oblivious about her feelings. Although MC had been remembering all these love advice she got, she still got no clue who she actually liked. Orion thought it may be Ikki, and that’s what caused Toma to snap.

Toma claimed to have woken up from a weird dream, and was surprised to see MC in a cage (WTF?). But then he remembered that he did all that and was like ‘oh right, but not like I can stop now.’ Later that night, Toma talked about what he’d do if Shin found out about the cage thing.

MC found out that the cage had a weak spot and can be forced open. She did so, grabbed her phone, hid it in the puzzle box that Toma gave her, and replaced the cage bar seconds before Toma came back to the room. Toma noticed almost right away that her phone was gone, and tried calling it. Luckily, she already turned it off and got away with that one. It was the first time MC and Orion managed to get away with fooling Toma…maybe. I had a feeling he knew, though.

Toma shoved a whole bunch of stuff into the cage to… ‘liven up’ the atmosphere. Toma promised that he would let her out soon, when he had enough evidence. The next morning, Toma went out and MC had some time to check her phone.

She got a message from Ikki. He wanted to visit, but Rika stopped him. He hoped that things are going well with the guy she likes. Orion was now sure that Ikki was the one giving her relationship advice, not the guy she likes, so Orion urged her to ask Ikki or Shin about the identity of her crush. (And I’m sitting here like, Orion, shouldn’t you advise her to text Shin for help or something?)

I think MC liked Toma, and Orion thought so too, but c’mon, it’s the cage dude Toma! She may have liked him before she knew about the cage thing! Just then, the phone died. Toma came back seconds later just after she hid the phone.

Later that night, MC asked Toma if he liked her. Toma avoided the question and kept her in the cage.

The next day, Orion and MC decided to escape and visit the cafe where she worked while Toma was busy cleaning the mailbox. MC broke the cage and made a run for it, but ran into Ukyo. He said some pretty interesting stuff that suggested that there may be multiple versions of the MC in multiple worlds, and they rarely had a good end with Toma, because Toma wasn’t aware of his own insanity. This made it seem like Ukyo knew of MC’s situation.

Ukyo’s line really stuck with me. Toma, from his dialogue, seems to be aware that what he is doing is wrong. He apologizes often, and in Shin’s route, even turned himself in to the police when he injured the MC and lied about it. He has a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, and he majors in law. The thing is that in this route, Toma doesn’t give a damn about that. He knew it’s wrong, yet he did it anyway. I guess this is what Ukyo meant when he said Toma wasn’t aware of his own insanity. It’s kinda like (no offense intended) when some color blind people know something is green even when they can’t see the color green, Toma know it’s wrong even when he himself don’t ‘see’ it.

Toma, unlike Ukyo, seems almost perfectly normal from the outside. He’s not the type of classic yandere character that does the crazy laugh or stalks the person they like (aside from one line where he said ‘what a nuisance’, I don’t think Toma says many classic yandere lines). Toma is very subtle, and it’s scary because then you don’t realize how wrong the whole situation is when Toma acts like nothing is out of the ordinary all the time.

You could say that MC should’ve realized from day 1 (from Toma’s conversation with the nurse, where he said he’s not her boyfriend) that Toma and MC were not a couple, and that would save her a lot of trouble. Yet, when I think about it, one of the things that makes Toma so crazy is that he’s an extremely good liar. His lies are interspersed with his true feelings, and it’s only because I know he’s lying that I was able to see it while I was playing. If it were the middle school me reading through the story, I wouldn’t have picked them up.

Ukyo offered to take her somewhere safe, and MC was like ‘no thank you!’ and ran away, but was almost hit by a bicycle. Ukyo said something along the line of ‘tomorrow’s the time limit’ and ‘my destination and yours are the same anyways’.

MC could not make it to the café because of her injuries, and had to go back to Toma’s place. She snuck back inside the cage just before Toma came back, but he made this face:

Toma saw how her shoes moved, and how her clothes were ripped at the knee. He made her take off her clothes and interrogated her about the injuries. Toma got really upset and pinned her down despite her injuries, and went on about how he should just take her so that she’d look only at him, and he doesn’t care if she breaks.

MC was scared shitless but she recalled how Toma was always the one protecting her. She screamed “Help me, Toma!” and he let her go out of shock. She hit her head on the shelf, and her bag fell down, along with the diary she brought from her house.

In the diary, she wrote about how she tried to get into the same university as Toma, and how she consulted Ikki about getting Toma to notice her.

Having read these, she recalled that when they were kids, she wanted to get married to Toma, and Shin could be their child. She also remembered how she grew distant from Toma after he entered university, and how she joined the Ikki Fanclub for Mine’s sake, but then used the opportunity to consult him about Toma. Ikki was the one who told her to distance herself from Toma for a change of pace.

Three months later, on Day 1 of the game, she was planning to confess to Toma, but had the amnesia right before that. Having remembered all this, she and Orion separated completely, and he left her wishing for her happiness.

Back at Toma’s place. After learning the truth, Toma confessed that he thought she was in love with Ikki, and tried to find ways to keep her away from the guy. He was afraid of losing her to the crazy fans.

Toma confessed his love, and said that he couldn’t see her as a sister anymore, but was afraid of being rejected, so kept it hidden for so long. He wanted to touch her and hold her, and she wanted the same, and Toma was like ‘wait wait put some clothes on!’

And that’s the end of 19 years of unrequited love.

At the café, Ikki and Toma dealt with the crazy fans. Rika had no idea why the harassments escalated to the point where MC almost got killed. They admitted to putting stuff in the mailbox, cutting her hair, shoving her at the railroad crossing, and spreading MC’s personal info on the web, but did not know about the motorcycle that almost ran over MC. Ikki was beyond furious.

Toma offered a way for them to repent and mitigate the damage, and Ikki will oversee them. As such, the fan club members were dealt with.

Turns out, Toma was out gathering evidence while he was gone. He had her old phone with all the harassment messages as evidence as well. He lied about the phone and about being a couple so that he could keep her away from Ikki until the bullying ended, then he’d return her to Ikki.

But after this, he no longer intended on handing her over to anyone else. Although he felt guilty, she’s the only one for him. MC called him an idiot for not realizing her feelings sooner, even when she showed him so many times. Toma was like ‘what?’ MC then listed all the weird ways she tried to woo Toma, and I was laughing so hard.

Toma knew that he shouldn’t be forgiven for what he did, so MC asked to go on a walk with him. They went to the place where, as a kid, Toma promised that he would protect her from all the scary things. MC thanked him for keeping that promise, and for staying with her throughout the past month. She loved him and felt safe staying with him (ok ka whatever you say.)

MC said it was okay because she had someone there with her, but she could no longer remember Orion, so Toma thought he made her delusional by keeping her in the cage.

MC told Toma that the cage was broken, so she could get out, but wouldn’t tell him what exactly broke until he gave her a hug.

Ayeeeee that was the good ending, guys! Woohoo!

TBH I was pretty nervous because not only do you have to watch out for the fans and Ukyo, but for Toma himself. I agree with Toma that what he did with the cage couldn’t just be shrugged off, but at least from now on they can start a healthy relationship where they won’t be hiding things and communicate their feelings properly?

Personally, I think Toma is pretty different from the usual guys in otome games. Sure, he’s handsome and dependable, but the game also shows you many of his flaws, and they aren’t cute pet peeves, they’re flaws that can make people dislike Toma. Yet at the same time, they also make him more complex than just being ‘the yandere cage dude’.

I don’t know about other people, but so far, I think his route was pretty good. If they’re aiming to show how Toma can be pushed to the deep end, yeah, congratulations, they succeeded. If they want to show a yandere being yanked back from the deep end by open communication, then okay, that as well. I might change my opinion from the bad endings, which I’ll probably play later when I have time and a good mental health status.

I was scared about playing Toma’s route, but so far, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I know I say this about pretty much every route in the game, but I really do, especially for this one.

Let me just end with this line that made me feel so called-out:

…Guilty as charged.

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