Made in Abyss Ep. 7-9 Review: Operation Roasted Dung

Reg and Riko train under Ozen’s guidance before heading deeper into the Abyss.

made in abyss 8-4.png

To be honest, Ozen is one of the worse case of tsun I’ve ever seen. First she drops the bomb that Riko might be a dead piece of meat because she was a stillborn but Ozen still bothered to carry her up because it’s her disciple’s child. Second, she beat the crap out of Reg just to make a point that you two are noobies before actually teaching them anything. And then Riko and Reg are just like well she tortures Riko emotionally and beat on Reg like a rag doll but she’s a good teacher still. Uh…? Yeah, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. That’s the lesson here, I guess. One good thing that comes with it is that it tests them if they have what it takes to keep going.

made in abyss 8-5.png

Reg and Riko must depend on each other if they want to make it to the bottom; Riko’s knowledge combined with Reg’s abilities make the perfect team. When Riko is alone, she gets into as much trouble as Reg does but it’s more lethal since she isn’t as sturdy as he is.

made in abyss 9-2.png

Is it just me or are these two descending really fast? They’re going at a pace of a layer per episode. I doubt even the better whistles can go as far as they can with the same amount of time. Hail Reg’s extendable arm and the dung that marks a spot where there is a good route.

The insert song in episode 8 and 9 is beautiful. Can’t stop listening to it. Although Hanezeve Caradhina is not sung in an actual language (too bad, I wanna know what the title means) it’s speculated that the lyrics may be the Abyss’s language and is the words of the Abyss.

Nothing much is going on in these episodes aside from that Riko’s and Lyza’s past is being revealed slowly. Something really exciting is supposed to happen in episode 10 (according to a friend who’s already finished watching) so I’ll find out what that is.

made in abyss 8-2.png
when your student got married without telling you

By the way, it’s been nine episodes and where is that rabbit person? Nanachi, right? Must be an important that can twist the plot if he/she/they appears this late in the anime.

made in abyss 8-6.png
have this picture of Lyza because I just felt like posting it but can’t really figure out where to insert.

If there’s something I learned from Made in Abyss, it’s that roasted female dung and burning bark with pheromone can attract the next meal. Thanks.

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