Yakusoku no Neverland Ep. 9-12 Review – Our First Morning

These episodes did wonders to Norman’s character. This kid is so likable.

Norman left, but somehow that might not be the end of him because he was surprised about something. There must be something in that room.

Everyone’s busy being sad, but that’s just a front. Because Isabella kept a watchful eye mostly on Emma, she ignored everyone else, giving Rey, Don, and Gilda the chance to prepare and rally the kids. They set up a decoy and set fire to the house, while everyone escaped.

Finally, after 11 episodes of sweating and panicking and planning and burning sausages, they made it.

Man, that was intense.

I hope Isabella is okay after she let the house burn down. I mean, it isn’t really her fault anyway. Isabella is one character even more scary than the monster, since she is both their caretaker and their plan breaker. She may smile, but you never know what she’s thinking, which is a lot more unsettling than the monsters. Deep down, she’s still the mother to these children and it’s this contrast between her demon side and mama side that I like a whole lot.

Overall there are three things that I love: Emma’s hair color, the first person POV shots, and how otherworldly intelligent these kids are. Sure, Neverland isn’t without its flaws (still questioning how Ray managed to remember so much details even when babies’ eyes aren’t really developed to the point where they can see a lot of things), but it was great entertainment and I really enjoyed it.

I shall describe the series with 1 screenshot:

Yakusoku no Neverland ended so fast. Can’t wait for season 2.

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