Amnesia Memories: Shin Day 11-15

Sawa and the manager invited everybody to a firework show. Sawa lighted a bunch of rocket fireworks and Toma felt like he had come to babysit kids instead of watching fireworks.

Shin and Marie lighted sparklers and sat in a quiet corner. Shin told Marie that his dad happened to punch a drunk guy in the wrong place and the guy died, but because of that everybody started avoiding both him and his dad.

It was so weird, for this entire scene, Shin’s voice felt like it was put on 1.25x speed. He talked really fast.

Shin is determined to make his future for himself. It didn’t matter if he had no money or everybody called his dad a murderer. He’ll study, get the scholarship, get those grades, and pave a path for himself.

The next day Toma and Sawa showed up and told Marie that Shin got arrested.

Although Sawa said that, Toma was in a big rush. He came back saying that the Shinano police learned that Shin’s dad was a murderer and they’re suspecting him of attempted murder. Marie was so worried, she couldn’t work and was asked to go home. As soon as she got home, a detective showed up asking questions. Marie lined her answers up with what she heard from Shin up until now. The detective was satisfied, and he left.

okay okay i’ll stop taking pictures of toma now

Marie was still shaken, so she and Orion decided to investigate the incident. They went over the contact list from the lodge owner. Turns out, besides the usual gang, Rika (Ikki’s psycho fan) and Ukyo were also there.

Marie first made an appointment with Rika. At first, she was worried that she wouldn’t recognize the lady, but as soon as Rika showed up, she immediately got a flashback. Aaaand my game crashed.

Rika told them that Kent led the search team, and that she helped searched too. Orion and Marie decided to go see Kent when he’s at the university.

So I’m really curious what really happened at the incident. I don’t think Shin pushed her, but what’s he hiding?

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