Unboxing 86 (Eighty-Six) Light Novel volume 5 + 6 + special booklet *No Spoilers*

It’s the time of a pandemic. I’m still under an unofficial lockdown because of how chaotic the vaccine management is. Anyway, waiting for stuff in the mail became something to look forward to, and the 86 light novels I pre-ordered came in the mail. Hurray!

Because my Wifi sucks, I couldn’t load the pre-order webpage and get to my shipping status, so I was quite surprised it came so quickly.

I ordered my copy from phoenixnext.com, the official publisher of 86 novels in Thailand. They have two sets, one of them is this:

(LN) Complete Set 86 -เอทตี้ซิกซ์- เล่ม 6

It’s 1450 baht or about 45.50 USD. The book comes with 4 special story booklets, a leather book cover, and a tapestry, and a box. However, I do not have that much money to throw around, so I pre-ordered a smaller pack that only had the book and the booklets, which costs 495 baht or about 15.50 USD. But because I haven’t gotten a chance to visit the bookstore and buy volume 5, I got that one as well.

The cheaper set sold out in a few days which made me very surprised this series has so many fans. I remember going to the book convention and I was the only one squealing at this series. Most of the series’ fans are guys so that made me feel a bit weird since I have no girl friends to talk about this series with hahahaha. It was not until I joined the FB group of 86 fans in Thailand that I realized there are so many female fans out there (with a lot of them being hardcore shippers of Lena x Shin lol).

Back to the book. So it came in the mail:

After unwrapping the bubbles:

Left: volume 6
Right: volume 5

Oh my gosh, the artwork is sooooo beautiful. The plastic wrapping is also really secure.

The short story booklets are super short, most of them are about only 8 pages long. Since I still haven’t caught up to the latest volume, I’ll put off reading them for later, but I’m looking forward to it given how good the story is.

That was it, this post’s whole purpose is to brag that I bought something. Sorry I wasted your time. If you want to see my other 86 posts, check here.


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